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Loothemow : I will be getting married soon but we haven't been able to find a ring yet because I wear a size 3 on my ring finger. Where could I find rings that are small enough?

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Kuolermef : You may have to buy a larger ring and then have it taken in. A lot of places will do this.

Be glad you don't need a larger than normal size, it'd probably be a lot harder to get that adjusted :)
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toribhibbleri : I missed a payment of $15 for a store credit card. It was due the 11th and it is now the 13th. I didn't even realize as my billing cycle is usually the 17th (but it has been so long since I have used this card).

I am 20 years old and have practically no line of credit. How damaging will this missed payment be? I am desperately trying to get a loan for a vehicle with a co-signer, too.
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indiananimator : There could be a grace period. My advice is pay it ASAP. You'll likely get hit with a late payment fee and it could cause an increase in the interest.
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rwosamia : So I am moving for the first time and I am thinking about getting a credit card through my bank just for an emergency type thing. It is 0% APR for the first year but then after that moves to 10.99-23.99%. Depending on my credit or something. This isn't really a big deal because I have no interest in using it. I never wanted one, it would just be nice to have it to kind of relieve some stress of the new move and everything.

So It is a plain old credit card, no benefits or a good rate(I don't think). In the future I wouldn't mind having a card that I could earn point with or whatever. (btw I am moving for school, so I am talking like when I am actually making good money) So my mom was telling me it looks bad to cancel a credit card. Is this true? I was thinking I could have this for a few years(possibly not ever use it) and then cancel it once I am working in the hospital with a steady job. Then I could get a better one if I wanted. I could just cut it up, but I would keep getting a new one every few years
It is per-approved supposedly by my bank. I am well over 21 and have never wanted a card. I have seen them destroy people. I want it ONLY for emergency and that is if I don't have any money for said emergency. Anyway...Can someone answer the question at hand?
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Brorgeauthore : Edited: Sounds like you might be a student with a full time job.
Get the card. Pre-approved is meaningless. You still have to apply.
Closing the account a year down the road won't hurt you much at all.
Just get another card before closing that first one.
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patiohortiere : use if for a very small purchase every couple of months to build a credit history. Be sure to pay in full each month and you will not pay any interest so the rate will not matter.
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biohazad : I need to get approved for the best buy credit card because I need a new computer for college.

I'm a full-time college student that lives with my parents. I don't pay rent or anything but I do have a part-time job.

What should I put for annual income?
Monthly Mortgage or rent payment?
I'm sure they're going to ask me whether I have a full time job. Should I put fulltime student with a job?

I really need to know what to put to be approved I can pay it off monthly but not all out of pocket.

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VTOVJJ : call the bank and ask for approval
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Assinemia : The law requires that you provide proof of sufficient income to qualify for a credit card or have a parent co-sign.

You figure your annual income based on your part time job. If that isn't sufficient fore BestBuy's standards, you will be denied. Chances are very likely you won't be approved. Maybe one of your parent's will co-sign the account for you.
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