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csyez013 : Why is this priced low? Is it worth anything? Thanks (:

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Graiccaky : last thurs. Aug.8/2013 i already paid my K1 visa fee at BPI i THINK I MISPLACE THE DEPOSIT SLIP can i know the reciept no. of my payment
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annenseJoulge : Hello,

This question is for UK residents. I have bad credit but my girlfriend who lives with me has never done anything apart from owing for a store card around 7 years ago. she just applied for a credit card but got decline so she is going to try to get a bank loan instead.

Could our address be condemned or do they treat people as individuals rather than the history of other people at the address and maybe she is just unlucky.
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xmentalistem : Your address won't be condemned

Your g/f could have been turned down for any number of reasons.. Not been at her address very long, not been at her place of employment very long, maybe she missed payments on her store card.

There will be a reason why she was declined and it could be nothing more than her living at a new address and and having a new job!
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islightina : Has nothing to do with address. In any country.
They check employment. Credit history. And your income needs to be sufficient.
Note that credit cards are 100 times easier to get than personal loans.
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aneloToma : If I am buying a bunch of things from ebay which has different sellers from different places, will each of those items show up on the master card bill? Or will it show e purchase of ebay purchase? how does it work? Thanks.
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Opeomernf : So far I have not received any credit card offers in my mail. I am currently 19 turning 20 this September. I have one BOA secured card and capital one student card. I am currently college student. Both the cards have 0 balance as well. I rarely use them. Why no offers still?
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Ishigedjei : sure
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LoonryAnync : Depends on what scale that is using....there is more than one. Being only 19, that ISN'T a FICO score which is the legit score. You aren't getting offers because of your age and the fact that you admit you don't even use the cards you have!
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uniondory : Ir is a FAIR score. Apply for some, if you don't use the ones you've got and don't apply, they don't know you exist. It's better that way.
CS 742
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