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goodevry13 : I just got a $100 stainless steal ring from zales and it's already scratching is there anyway I could prevent this from happening more or will zales fix it without the protection plan? it's just making me so mad and I don't want it to scratch more

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PoitoProvemog : I made sure that amazon accepts gift cards too. They are listen in what type of cards you can use? But what so I put as the adress and name when ordering?
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seogertafor : Just put your name and address gift cards don't need a specific address and name to process the payment since they are not a bank or credit card
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agobeTaulge : So i recently bought a visa pre paid card so i could donate to minecraft servers, since im still only 14 and i dont have a credit card, so i went to go see how much it was using said card and it worked fine. then i exited it, without paying cuz i didnt have quite enough. Then i tried a couple of other things and did the same thing. Then i got another pre-paid card. i went back using the original one and it said the card was not valid. so i went to see if it even still had money on it, And it turns out PayPal had taken a dollar away from the card 10 times, but the payment history was under Pending Transaction. So i was wondering why or how they did this, and if i will get this money back after a certain amount of days. And also why it said this card is not valid after it had worked fine before?
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wpthwddc : paypal doesn't accept prepaid cards
that why
yes that is authorizing charge all merchant do this
that charge will fall off in day or so
you get the money back
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sa6cheap5 : I'm currently receiving SSI and have a payee. Is it okay for someone to add me as an authorized user to their credit card in order for me to built credit history.
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joelkins : it will not help you. piggy backing. not allowed by the fico. why do you need credit anyway. it's not like you ever be making any loans.
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tasnkmikoo : an authorized user does not built credit history, so this won't help you do that.

to be eligible for SSI you must have "limited resources" = if this person authorizes you to use their credit card, SSI might deem them as providing you resources and you could lose your SSI.
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Enenierse : Authorized user accounts only count in FICO scores for spouses and kids. Unless that someone is your spouse or parent, it won't help you build credit.
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theomarttesi : No. You use your credit card to use your credit account and your debit card to use your debit funds. The two are NOT linked in any way! They are issued by different divisions of Wells Fargo.
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