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lusCheextvele : My sister goes to the trashiest school in our area, and she always insists on wearing really nice clothes so she ends up looking like a diamond in a sea of trash, and a lot of people hate her for it. She also does this thing where she'll wear a scarf around her neck no matter what the weather is like.

She came to me today holding a really nice, silk scarf that I got for my birthday and asked me if she could wear it to school. When I told her no, she got really mad so I began to criticize her for being too obsessed with fashion and that she looks like a sailor with those scarves around her neck at all times. She told me that I'm naive because I know nothing about fashion (tbh, I'm the type that wears jeans and scruffy T-shirts to church) and that it's "in" this year.

So, was I wrong about the scarf thing? I kind of want to apologize if I was.
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christinabhayesl : There's a lot of different ways to tie a scarf and many different types of them, unless we can't see how she ties them and what there made from we can't say she looks like a sailor.

Anyways what your saying is no one else dresses like her, which means her style is "out".

For you, if a scruffy T-shirt and a pair of jeans is "in" then your all set.

Although it's a twist, it just were she goes too school. People think that she's showing off how much money she has, fashion is just another way to express yourself.
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konwo724 : Ive had a checking and savings account for 2 years and never over drafted. I am a college student with a 3.8 GPA and have held a job for 3 years. I am only trying to get a credit card for a computer (which I have the money for) so I can start to build credit. Why are my applications being denied? I dont want to apply to any more cards because I know all these applications will lower my credit score. Can anyone give me advice on how to build credit without a credit card?
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operforGowrib : I'm sure they should have told you why they didn't want to give you a card.
Exactly what did they tell you?
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Spovergorry : Well first of all you need to understand that bank accounts, and being a student with good grades have nothing what so ever to do with your credit score.

When people are turned down there is a letter sent explaining the reasons. What did it say?

Most likely lack of established credit.

Try a secured card from your own bank.

Good luck.
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nh8f90pl79 : So,i live in Greece,and i have this card :
I've heard that paypal does not accept prepaid cards,or that you must activate them.
Problem is,that i dont know how to activate the card.Plus, windows 8 store does not accept my prepaid and gives me this message:
We can't authorize the payment method. Please make sure the information is correct, or use another payment method. If you continue to get this message, please contact your financial institution.
Error details
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camarok : I mean, would your credit report show that it's a secured credit card and not a regular credit card?

If so, wouldn't that look bad to prospective lenders, insurers, etc.?
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eplreve842 : yup, it will say secured card. it won't look bad. .what looks bad is balances, pay off each month.
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EleneLymncype : Yes, they get reported to the credit bureau. I have one along with a major one.
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Savannah_Hawaii : They show up just like any other credit card. There is no indication that it's a secured card.
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