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Miketymn : I have a school dance coming up and I have the black fishnets that I just love. The diamonds aren't that big, just a bit smaller than medium sized ones.

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Isabella_Washington : A red dress or a black one would be appropriate.
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feadcanny : A lot of dresses look good with fishnets.
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depNetSaidava : a silvery metallic dress, or a classic little red dress works. dont go with a black dress, it will make you look goth.
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bioriaseina : I recently made the minimum deposit of $29 two weeks ago for the Capital One Secured Credit Card with the limit of $200 per month, and according to others, even depositing $200 would leave you with a $200 limit.

Is there a way to increase the limit to say about $500?

I do not believe what you deposit is your limit because I deposited $29, putting my limit at $200 so that has already proven many answers wrong.
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coomypeacroxy : Phone the number on the back of the card and ask them. You may find that $200 is just the smallest limit they have for a credit card. If you use the card for a few months without missing a payment, they might increase the limit.
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Astottope : Me and my fiance have decided to buy a house. We did things in the wrong order but it was because we saw a house that we fell in love with and it is what has made us kick the process into high gear.テつ*We've been trying to save and fix our credit over the last year and this is where we stand. We just don't know which order to go about everything else.テつ*We have saved roughly 27k and it is still climbing due to our jobs.. we bonus practically every month.テつ*His credit is almost completely repaired minus the largest ding. . A judgment for about 4k. We are planning to pay it asap but we just need to know if by showing proof its paid will allow us to go through with being financed.テつ*As for me.. I have 2 medical bills which also I'm prepared to settle, totaling 7k. I was told 2 k shouId be approved as an offer. I just want to know how much they weigh in an approval. Other than that my credit is fine. I dont have much because I've always been a cash type person.. But my credit card has always been in time.テつ*We both have an average credit score of about 680.and a combined gross income of just over 100kテつ*im 24 and he is the house we want is 175k. I understand that our savings of 27k is probably going to be less once we manage our debt but we need direction and someone who is familiar w this whole process to tell us if we take care all of this.. will a bank approve us?テつ*How do we go about everything? Please help and give CONSTRUCTIVE advice.テつ*We have ran our finances and are extremely confident we can afford this house. We just don't know how to go about starting this whole process in the correct order. We're both not experienced in buying a house. This would be the first for both of us. Do we go to a bank and tell them about the debt and ask them how they want us to handle it? Or handle it first then go? Please help!! We are in love w the house we found and dont want to lose it if there is a fast way to go about this.
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freelife : Banks are issuing sub prime mortgages again so almost anyone can get a mortgage if they're willing to pay enough interest. You're asking the wrong question. You should be asking what interest rate will you qualify for. The only way to get that answer is to apply at various institutions and see what you're offered.
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lwilliamb : Good news and bad can probably (and easily) handle the payment son a $175k house. The bad news - if you settle that debt of o$7K for $2K, it will be marked "Paid/Settled" which is a HUGE red flag. The worse news - because of the blemishes on your record, if you can get approved, you are looking at a conventional mortgage - FHA (which requires only 3.5% as a down payment) requires two full years of unblemished credit - obviously, that clock for you does not start ticking until you pay off both sets of collections accounts. So, going conventional, with the collections accounts and if you make the $2K payment instead of the full $7K, you have the settlement on your record, you may have a tough time getting approved and if you do, the investor is probably going to want 20% down - about $35K. Add in 5% or more for closing costs which is another, say, $8K and you are looking at needing $43K in the bank before you even start making offers.

My suggestion - wait the two years, finish cleaning up your credit, save some more and grab a conventional mortgage when you have $50K to put down plus closing. Why? Because is you go FHA with less than 20%, you have to pay the FHA equivalent of private mortgage insurance (this is required for any loan with less than 20% down). The difference between the FHA PMI and conventional mortgage PMI is that when you hit 78% loan-to-value for a convention mortgage (22% equity), you can get the PMI dropped (saving money), with an FHA loan, you pay PMI until the loan is paid off.

And just to close, there is no fast way to go about this.
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IniliRonSoync : Ask here how to deal with those collection items.
Must show $0/Paid before any mortgage company will approve you.
Medical bills, you could possibly do a pay on delete.
Again, ask how to do it right.
With other debt, ask how to negotiate a settlement.
I have seen 3 people not get homes by getting help here. Don't quit.
Don't look at houses until you get this cleared up.
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