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phsinanchl : Everytime I get my haircut I either don't like it or hate it. I want to love it for once. I'm pretty sure that I have a diamond shaped face. My hair is dark brown, almost black in the winter and about 2 1/2 inches below my shoulders. My hair is straight and sometimes has light waves in it. What hairstyles do you suggest?

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sryanw : Why not try curl?
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songfeng301 : So I tried to register my card 7 times, and all of those times my card was verified with no problem. It didn't even give me a code and it said my card was verified all nice and good (I'm guessing it's because my card was registered to my paypal and then I removed it).

Anyways, I had removed my card from my paypal because it wasn't letting me pay for it. I thought that that might be solved my reregistering my card. So I registered it again. I also removed it a few times and registered it again a few times (7 in total).

Anyways, I know that PayPal charges $1 authorization fee to make sure that the card is real. My card is currently removed from my PayPal, so will they still refund me my $1??? Will they refund it directly to my credit card or will it be on my paypal account? I know that they eventually refund money to you, but my question is: WILL THEY STILL REFUND THE $7 IF MY CARD IS REMOVED FROM PAYPAL AT THE MOMENT? I really hope they do. My card was verified 7 times, and then removed, so I hope it works out.

Thank you.
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saitiolmesela : My brother who is 14 took me debt card and purchesed some stuff online without my permission can i disbute or charge back the money to my account thanks
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Drahphawletle : Not with out getting your brother in trouble bc he technically stole your money and you need to prove to the bank or card service that was fraudulent use.
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maymnarcabyJG : Call the companies who he purchased from and tell them it was fraudulent. If they won't remove the charges go into your bank and talk to a personal banker about what happened
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tatocuctuaply : Go to the bank, file a dispute against your brother and throw his ass in an adult prison for 20 years so you can get your money back.
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RegoWerve : I rlly wanna have my own saving box but idk when I can have my own account in the bank
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inogyPieniCic : You can have a bank account the day you are born. You can't get a credit card until you are 18 (because it effectively lends you money, and until you are 18 you can't legally sign a credit agreement). You can get a debit card before that (because that only allows you to spend what is in your bank account) - the youngest I have seen is at age 11 (with parental consent), but not all banks have the same policy.
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abyrobid69 : There's 2 things a debt card and a credit card. A debt card is a card to your bank with your money. To get a bank account, which has a checkings and savings which you use your checking as spending money which using your card will take out money of your checkings not your savings, you can be any age just go to your local bank and most are free. A credit card is a card you can get from a bank or company, you have to be 18. Companies and banks don't have to give you a credit card just cause your 18 because your not trusted yet. So most likely a bank won't give you a credit card without having a a good credit background. I'd recommend capital one. They usually start off at a 300$ limit and you charge anything for example gas and at the end of the month you pay back or make a payment on your charges and a little extra which is called interest because you borrowed the money. If you don't pay back what you charge on cards you will get bad credit and you won't be trusted to get a house, new car, apartment or anything new because you are not a trustworthy customer that pays back. I'd recommend getting a credit card and making FULL payments on time every month and you'll get good credit and prove yourself to be trusted and your limit will be bigger and bigger. Then in a few years you'll be able to charge anything even breast implants lol as long as you make monthly payments. Good luck be smart and responsible :)
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