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Neglesnig : I have an industrial and I only have the earring that they pierced me with. I don't know what size it it so I don't know what size earring I can buy I would really love your guys help. Thanks

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Lawsapekpieks : normal size is 14 gauge. which is the same thickness of a belly or tongue ring. if you are unsure of the size go to a piercing place they usually have a gauger to measure the thickness
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alinkamalishka : my bank did a credit check and got me a business credit card without my knowledge will I be able to get the credit check reverse from Equifax if I call the bank to cancel the card without activating it and dispute for ever giving authorization for the credit check? I don't want my credit score to drop for a credit card that I don't want to have. (I am planning to apply for mortgage and airline mile credit card the end of the year)
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quegoglenossy : I'm a user of Amazon but I'm afraid of getting a credit card. Any experienced users ? & how much is the interest on it ? Worth getting ??
& do u get discounts like it says u would ?
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kCrackMan : The interest rate is extremely high (like 26%). If you do get it, just use it to finance purchases for a week or two and make sure you always pay it off in full.

Edit: This is for the store card. There's also a regular credit card which has rewards and lower rates.
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camarok : Its great. You get tons of points and a free $40 gift card.
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BuyCiproUS : Ok, I know that question probably sounds crazy. Create more debt to get out of debt? But hear me out lol

Ok, so my husband lost his job and just recently found another one but in the mean time we racked up some credit card debt and got behind in some bills :( I also have some school stuff that is due. So I suggested to my husband that we see about getting a small loan to pay off all the credit cards, get caught up on bills and pay my school. We would only need about four or five thousand. Then we would only have that monthly payment and not a bunch of payments. We would probably end up paying less interest in the long run too right? Can you get loans that small? Would I need to go to a bank or a financial place?
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foelanalf : The problem you are going to have is that the loan will be a personal loan. Personal loans do not have collateral and so are tougher to get and usually carry higher interest rates. Since you have fallen behind on payments, that makes you a higher risk, meaning you are less likely to qualify for the unsecured loan. Your best bet is to make a concerted effort to pay back the credit card bills as fast as you can to help rebuild your credit.
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cronsonia : You would need near perfect credit AND your hubby would need at least a year or two at his current job to even think about applying for a loan. With that said...banks stopped giving out micro personal loans about 25 years ago. Today those are credit cards. If you can't get a credit card for $5k to consolidate the wouldn't qualify for the loan anyways.
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EmakyRageerak : Nope, make an offer to the credit card companies, even if it is a groat a month, if they refuse the offer still pay what you offered each month.

They might send it to a debt collector but you can repeat the same offer to them and still pay what you can afford even if they refuse the offer.

It is not in their interests to take you to court if you have made an offer of paying and you are honouring that offer whether they accept it or not, because the court would be on your side.

Just don't ignore it, but don't rob Peter to pay Paul.
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