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ykxhwzjy : I just got my ears pierced on Black Friday of last year, it will be 6 weeks on friday but i got new earrings and i was wondering if it's alright if i can put them in a little early? (3 days)

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prognorgo : Yeah 3 days early wont do much harm just make sure u clean them good with rubbing alchol as well as the earings.
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Rfdsezlft : if you think your ears have healed (wiggle your current earings around a bit - no pain? You're good) then go ahead and put them in. Everyone heals at different paces. The 6 weeks is only a guideline some people dont need tthe whole time while some people take even longer. Its your call, if you think theyre healed then go ahead, if not, keep your earrings in a little longer.
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Meftdrabbef : I have been using Amazon for awhile and just recently I opted to get a store card from their company. I had a certain amount that was allowed to me and I make my payments regularly. However in my most recent account summer I see "Card Security" as one of the charges added to the card. Can anyone tell e what this means?
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Fotaanits : Did you sign up for some kind of insurance or ID protection plan? Cards often offer these plans for a monthly fee. They are pure profit for the credit card and tend to have very little value to you.

Call the credit card and ask what the charge is. If it's some kind of plan, then cancel. It could also be an unauthorized charge that you need to dispute with the card.
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PoitoProvemog : I made sure that amazon accepts gift cards too. They are listen in what type of cards you can use? But what so I put as the adress and name when ordering?
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seogertafor : Just put your name and address gift cards don't need a specific address and name to process the payment since they are not a bank or credit card
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goodevry11 : i Changed my apple id password the other day and before i changed it i made a purchase and it worked fine but now after i changed it it wanted me to update my info and it declined the card i used the other day and im only trying to buy a free app?
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4seoonekenobl : call itunes support. I don't have their number handy. Had to call them a few years ago. Know you can call them to get this solved.
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exharrive : credit card question. credit card question
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