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stainsfaf : I really want earrings where one says KISS and the other says ME. I found some at JC but I don't want the other ones that come with it.,default,pd.html?dwvar_YJRU5357_color=974&start=40&cgid=sale-just-added

Plus I'd like them to be a bitttt cheaper. I found some at but theyre gold, I'd reallly like silver, please and thank you!
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Joseph Qk : You should just go to juicy
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jiniaSown : what online stores allow you to send them a check for the purchase instead using credit/debit card. what online stores allow you to send them a check for the purchase instead using credit/debit card
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lornaemcclurew : They don't exist.
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anogeneInsals : Usually any online store that also has a paper catalog. Inside the paper catalog(usually in the center) is an order form that you can fill out and send{mail} along with your payment of a check or money order for the order that you are placing with them.
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konwo724 : Ive had a checking and savings account for 2 years and never over drafted. I am a college student with a 3.8 GPA and have held a job for 3 years. I am only trying to get a credit card for a computer (which I have the money for) so I can start to build credit. Why are my applications being denied? I dont want to apply to any more cards because I know all these applications will lower my credit score. Can anyone give me advice on how to build credit without a credit card?
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operforGowrib : I'm sure they should have told you why they didn't want to give you a card.
Exactly what did they tell you?
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Spovergorry : Well first of all you need to understand that bank accounts, and being a student with good grades have nothing what so ever to do with your credit score.

When people are turned down there is a letter sent explaining the reasons. What did it say?

Most likely lack of established credit.

Try a secured card from your own bank.

Good luck.
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Femfoofhino : Nope. No cash was involved; no cash will be refunded.
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Appotospect : thanks for the giggles , absolutely nope.

NO body send Cash

if they sent u anything it would b a Check for
a CASH Advance at high rates.
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