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Jestreems :

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othepledode : I've recently bought some cute earrings and CHEAP (I'm a bargain shopper :p) at Payless Shoe Source, they have some cute stuff there :)
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creecurry : Diva, if there is one where you live near.
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inermainfom : forever21 has cute accessories and theyre not pricey at all usually cost less than 10 dollars for earrings
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Nisyventiosse : looking into maybe getting a credit card to help build my credit. I was looking into the Discover It for students or the Amazon Rewards Visa. I shop somewhat often on amazon. I am a student 3rd year in college. I do currently have a car loan, a small loan that i have enough money to pay off since i got it but i wanted to build my credit. Ive had that loan for a year now and have about a year and a half unitl it is fully paid off if i continue with the regular payments instead of just paying it off.
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2qot54rt74o : This is my first time that I have a credit card. My bank offered me a credit card with a balance of 500.00. They told me if i pay on time i dont need to pay interest (the interest rate is 5 %). Well, my credit card statement closed on 17 each month. I always paid around 10 each month and if i spend 200 i usually pay 150 or 200, however, the last statement that i received said that i owe 483.00, i really dont understand how possible i owe that money when i pay every 2 weeks (i pay my credit card on 10 of each month and at the end of this month) so how possible i owe that amount?.I called to the credit card company and asked them but they just say that is the amount that i owe to them, the bank printer out for me the statement is looking like that i spend that money but i also pay every 2 weeks so is impossible that. Anyway, i pay the full amount and i wonder how the credit card works? if i pay every 2 week the credit card how possible the balance went so high?. Any advise is greatly appreciate. Thank you
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roinemanath : Either you spent more than you usually do, or there is a fraudulent charge on your card that you didn't make, or one of your payments didn't get correctly credited to your account.

To find out which it, carefully review your last couple of statements for the credit card and check that it lists your payments and charges, and make sure it doesn't list any charges you didn't make. If you see anything like that tell your bank right away.
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necladatio : First, you need to very carefully go over your statements and make sure that all the charges are yours and that all your payments were posted.

Second, STOP paying twice a month. You are making a mess of the account. Wait for the statement and pay the balance in full by the statement due date. That way you build credit and avoid interest. You also need to review that statement every month to make sure there are no errors.

Transactions before the closing date show up on this month's statement and are due by the due date indicated on that statement. Transactions after the due date show up on the next statement and are not due till that statement due date.

You misunderstood the banker about how interest is charged -- at least I hope the banker didn't actually tell you that as long as you paid on time, you paid no interest. Credit cards have an interest free grace period between the purchase date and the statement due date IF you pay the balance in full every month.

If you pay less than the full balance, you are charged interest based on the average daily balance (the total of each day's balance, divided by the number of days) times the monthly interest rate (APR divided by 12).

You have not always paid the balance in full and have likely been accruing interest every month. You have to start with a 0 balance to take advantage of the interest free grace period. Otherwise, you're stuck with interest.
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mbtskosalg : Just wondering, looking for answers like "I got $___ on a _____ card".

I'm 20, and my credit score is 725 I have a 2year old card (my first) with a 300$ limit and terrible rates so I'd like a new card with a high limit (at least $2000 the higher the better) , I know you don't pick you limit but some companies are more generous than others which is what I'm looking for my income is average and I know what to do and not to do, my score for under 2years of credit should show that hopefully
Meant to say "with what card". Answerer "go with the flow" when did I ever say I was carrying balances? I said my rates are terrible, this was only mentioned in case I ever do need to carry a balance(and why wouldn't you want better rates?), and also not every bank increases the limit every 6months I've had this card for over a year and a half wth no increase and when I asked for an increase I was told I had to do a bunch of stuff that just seemed like a hassle (for an increase to only $500 from $300) so I plan on canceling and goin to a different company (my bank is in Mass, "rockland federal credit union") so thank you for assuming and not answering the actual question
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UsefeDerb : Terrible rates?
I don't even know the interest rates on my cards.
Did you know that those that pay in full each month are statistically those that carry those top credit scores?
Did you know that credit cards, if you have excellent credit, will increase your limit every 6 months or so?
Why are you carrying credit card balances?
Pay that credit card in full today. No more games that only hurt you.

Start paying that card in full for 6 months.
Then, call them up and ask them for a credit limit increase.
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