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lsophiaj : I'm looking for shops on that sell cute earrings/ear cuffs and rings that are affordable. any recommendations?

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Weennybuffvob : So, I applied on Sunday and they approved me early Monday. When do you think It should arrive? I've heard they overnight it?
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Tevyemalm : They do not overnight the card. It will probably take a week to 10 days.

I'm thinking that they might email you when the card is shipped. You can call them to verify that since I'm not positive.
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bioriaseina : I recently made the minimum deposit of $29 two weeks ago for the Capital One Secured Credit Card with the limit of $200 per month, and according to others, even depositing $200 would leave you with a $200 limit.

Is there a way to increase the limit to say about $500?

I do not believe what you deposit is your limit because I deposited $29, putting my limit at $200 so that has already proven many answers wrong.
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coomypeacroxy : Phone the number on the back of the card and ask them. You may find that $200 is just the smallest limit they have for a credit card. If you use the card for a few months without missing a payment, they might increase the limit.
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csyez020 : I bought a lifeproof case from best buy a while ago and when it broke I threw it away, I contacted them and they are sending a replacement soon, but they said if I don't send in my old one they will take it out of my credit card. But I never gave lifeproof my card info. Only best buy. Do they have a way to still get to it? Or should I be fine. Thank you so much.
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HahpammaJam : I have tried to get store credit cards like
Victorias secret, american eagle, etc. and have gotten denied. I have also recently tried with discover and got denied. My fret score is 754 yet everyone says that I have insufficient credit history. My phone bill is under my name and I pay it I also have a gym membership that's really it. But my boyfriend and his friends applied for the same discover card and got approved. None of them pay any bills and managed to get $850 spending limits ! What could be the problem ? help !
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Sleeryrub : Probably because they've determined they won't make any money off of you. Credit cards are a business, and taking advantage of people likely to get into debt makes them money. If you are as responsible with your money as you say you are, that would be my only explanation. Maybe go through your bank to get a credit card first, then see if you could get approved for the shops' versions.
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nztjqvbovxna : your phone bill and gym membership don't report to the bureaus unless you don't pay so they will not do anything to build credit.
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FliesDigGense : Maybe your income or length of employment is less than your boyfriend's?
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