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skekwoopy :

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annemmartinp : Pearls can be worn with jeans and a blouse or sweater or a dress or a skirt and cardigan or blouse. You can dress them down a little with jeans but it still needs a nice top. Don't go out in a hoodie, jeans, and sneakers with your jewelery on. It's trashy. I don't know why people do this. You should wear your hair either up or use a headband or small clip to keep some of it swept back so your hair doesn't completely hide the jewelery if you have long hair.
Do your make up however you normally would.
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Morgan714 : On my credit I have 2 credit cards which combined equal 1400 and a car i recently payed off early that was $4000 and still had 2 years left. So now i only have 1400 debt with the credit cards...

Card 1 limit is 1200 got it last year and i owe 800...
Card 2 limit is 600 got it 2 months ago and i owe 600

My credit score is 590 and have never missed a payment since i stared my credit 3years ago...
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songfeng301 : So I tried to register my card 7 times, and all of those times my card was verified with no problem. It didn't even give me a code and it said my card was verified all nice and good (I'm guessing it's because my card was registered to my paypal and then I removed it).

Anyways, I had removed my card from my paypal because it wasn't letting me pay for it. I thought that that might be solved my reregistering my card. So I registered it again. I also removed it a few times and registered it again a few times (7 in total).

Anyways, I know that PayPal charges $1 authorization fee to make sure that the card is real. My card is currently removed from my PayPal, so will they still refund me my $1??? Will they refund it directly to my credit card or will it be on my paypal account? I know that they eventually refund money to you, but my question is: WILL THEY STILL REFUND THE $7 IF MY CARD IS REMOVED FROM PAYPAL AT THE MOMENT? I really hope they do. My card was verified 7 times, and then removed, so I hope it works out.

Thank you.
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Dornorenterne : Recently, I found out a family member opened a credit card in my name and made thousands of dollars of charges on it. It has been open a year up until this point, when I finally found out...I am not looking for legal advice, as I intend to take care of this separately. I just want to know why this hasn't affected my credit score yet? A year of unpaid charges on an American Express and my credit score is a 718!! How is this possible? Is it because I am a college student? I plan on getting my father to pay off my credit card (he offered to clean up this mess for me), so I just want to know if I am missing anything.
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Varvef : im planning on taking a trip from san diego to Los angeles to go to Disney California adventure and six flags...will be booking threes separate hotels for three nights...would like to know if i have to notify capital one of this if i will be charging everything related to this trip on the card or is it only required to notify when traveling internationally?
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tinacligath : No; it is not necessary(do keep up with your receipts). You can then verify/dispute charges for accuracy/inaccuracy when the bill comes in.
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