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NineOfrancs : IS it fashionable or cute to wear white pearl earrings wit black flat shoes? since ones white and ones black, does that matter? sorry if this is a really dumb question..

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fakeoakleysy4 : it isn't a dumb question at all :') i think the black shoes, and pearl earrings is very retro. sometimes black+white doesn't work, but in this case it definitely does!
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Bormmayonry : Who cares if it's "fashionable"? Do you wanna look like everybody else, or do you wanna look like you?
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Attaiftnire : Yes, as long as you wear something in between your pearls and your shoes...tee, hee...
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nhedukoc : Yes
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theomarttes12ezr : I applied for an old navy card and it said to wait 7 to 10 business days for a respond. Is it a good or bad thing? TU score 667
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hyloadlodiact : It's a normal thing in most transactions. A "business day" is just them getting everything in their system and getting together all the information they need to get your account or card and so on set up. I applied for a PayPal debit card and it took 5 days, but after that I got my card and haven't had an issue since. It's just another word for "waiting time while we get set up"
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nhedukoc : Waiting for an answer in 7 to 10 business days if a fairly common business practice. So, if you submitted an application for a credit card, you will not hear back from them in 7 to 10 business days (which is Monday thru Friday and excludes any holidays)
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Graiccaky : bus days are m-f don't count weekends or holidays. so it means within 2 weeks
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HonsjoriAcino : About two weeks
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