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tnhbutrier : Beforehand I should tell you all that I love to wear black. Tomorrow I want to wear this dress that comes just above my knees. It's pink, white, and purple. It's fitted in the chest area, and the bottom half is flared. I'm going to wear black ankle length leggings, and a black long sleeved cardigan. I need help with the shoes. I have some black combat looking boots that come above the ankle. I also have knee high black boots. They are a soft fabric, not leather. I'm for sure going to curl my hair. I need help with whether or not to wear earings. I have these 3 inch long feather earrings that are pink, grey, and purple. Should I wear black fingernail polish or dark purple nailpolish? And should I do my makeup dark? Your opinions would be very helpful. Thanks.

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LasloDemsi : wear the ankle length combat boots and no earings and dark makeup and curled hair and dark purple nail polish.
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clotofewoDoy : what she said^
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carliferates : free credit score no credit card. free credit score no credit card
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paxilelavill : You can get one copy of your credit report from each of the 3 major credit reporting agencies (Experian, TransUnion, Equifax) once per year at
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unummaphy : You can get your free annual credit report from each of the three credit bureaus online thru Reports are free, scores are not.

The only place consumers can get real FICO scores is Costs about $20. offers a free score estimator based on your TransUnion report. it's not FICO, but the TransRisk score is within 50 points or so. Good enough.
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Messcasehax : I want to buy a pre paid card from Master card, but where can I reload the card? Does it have to be at a certain bank.
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AsymnKen : hey i have .... not verfiayed paypal account but today some1 offer to verefiy with bank account not with credit card if i verfiy paypal with bank account can i buy from steam website ??
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sryanw : You can start purchasing things on Steam once your PayPal is verified with a bank account.
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carliferates : I don't have a card of any sort and I can't buy or download anything. Apparently there isn't a none card thing anymore. Help
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