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toribhibblerg : I got a new pandora bracelet today and wanted to know what you lot do, do you wear it when you go to bed ??
I have 2 lobe piercings, navel and a nose piercing.
I keep my earrings, nose stud and belly bar in for bed, I also wear a nomination bracelet, none of these bother me so that isn't a problem.
I just wanted to know will wearing it for bed ruin it ??
Will wearing it to school ruin it, if I take it off for p.e ??
Sorry for how long it is :)
My school is bad, but not that bad, we have entered a new school and the school is better, however if that was the case I think they would have stolen my iPod, and phone which are worth £500 together.. Chances of it being stolen are slim .. In p.e I often put expensive things in my trackie pocket for insurance :)
Also don't think I am spoilt or rich... The phone was my Christmas present this year and my iPod was last years.
My pandora I bought my self, I inherited some gold that I wasn't going to wear so I sold it and bought the pandora :)

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Alea_SPe : If I wear jewelry during the day, all I ever keep on is hair bands and ocasionally a watch. Pandora is a nice brand, I wouldn't recommend it for sleep.
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FDServicee : Why would you want to sleep in it?

They're pretty delicate, and even if you dont pull some of the charms off in your sleep, its not going to be very comfortable. Just take it off before bed. Big dilemma solved
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Asyncinaccich : I have had a Pandora bracelet for a year. I never sleep with it on...I've never really thought about it but it's not something that's ideal to sleep with as they're quite chunky and would hurt if you sleep on your hand.
It won't ruin it if you do, but one of the charms might fall off.
Don't wear it to might get stolen! They're expensive so be careful. And definitely do not wear it in p.e! Or in the will rust.
Have fun wearing it :-)
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srfecti644 : I have a pandora bracelet and I don't sleep with it on! Some of the charms would probably poke me!
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poequeexpep : I have just turned 18 and when i went to Sears they asked me if I wanted to apply for a Sears mastercard. I said yes and gave all my info and stuff but during the end i said i didnt want to do it unless my parents were there. I just recieved a letter about being denied a credit card. Does this effect my credit score at all? if so what can i do to call and tell them it was a mistake and i didnt want to apply for it?
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Loasiarog : You credit score, if you have one, will be harmed slightly by the creditor (Sears in this case) doing a hard inquiry on your credit report. Hard inquiries are one of five factors that Fair Isaac & Co. use when calculating your FICO credit score.

However, hard inquiries cause the least amount of harm among the five. Therefore, it is not worth your while to try to unwind this application.

You mentioned you are 18 years old. Ii is likely you were denied the credit application because you have *no credit* as opposed to *low credit.* No credit means you have not applied for or paid for a loan in the last 10 years or so.

You need to bootstrap yourself up by opening a checking/debit card account at your local bank or credit union. Then, after you demonstrate a few months of not overdrawing your checking/debt card account, then apply for a low-limit credit card at your bank or credit union. Use our credit card sparingly, and never make a late payment.

After a year or so, apply for a department store card. Then apply for an oil company card.
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monitoringov : No biggie. All that happened is Sears thinks you applied, they checked your credit report (which will be noted in the report), and turned you down. That's normal for a first-timer and means approximately nothing. Pay attention to the reason you were turned down and keep that in mind before trying again a few months down the line.

By the way, you're an adult now. It's okay to ask your parents' advice, but you don't need to have them hold your hand any more.
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reinodisGF : Someone hacked my card in Oct.2011 - closed the account - PAID IT OFF IN FULL the following month when I recieved the bill. I have all of this proof. Have called the credit card company to take care of it because now it has screwed up my credit!!! Also sent the proof to the collection agency about the account being paid in full. I have heard NOTHING from either place! SO IRRATATED! I should be paid for my headaches! Anyway....don't know what to do at this they have lawyers for this?
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Effitswes : I am buying one of those cards today. The website I want to purchase something from requires a expiration date. Would a prepaid visa be better or what can I do about this when using one of the cards above?
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