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2qot54rt74o : and my crush will be there! Should I wear this top:|81720 in the blue color or the orange color.:) mine are vneck though, not scoop. and I plan on wearing black flats, with jeans, and small white pearl earrings. and my hair is down. thanks girls! Please answer quickish! oh or i have a black vneck with bright pink undershirt!

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UUVUV : i think you should go with the blue version of that top! its really cute :)
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CadnerI : Yeah! what popped up should be fine :)
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Knissornesmen : My credit history is only about a year and a half old. I have had one credit card for that time and I opened a new one a couple days ago with Khols. I would like to open a Discover card to build credit for the next year. Will opening two cards so close together hurt my credit more than its worth building in that short time?
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bimnkvwqtzwe : Is there a legit website I can go to and get a free credit report without them billing me like a week later? I doubt there are any out there that exist like this but I figured I would ask just in case. Thank you in advance.
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Biartiatutigh : You can also get it by mail by calling Trans Union toll free @ 1-877-322-8228 for all 3 free reports. You should receive them within the next 10 business days.
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Insenoloals : I use creditcarma.caom and not fee, no credit card.
You have to put up with the e mails on special offers, etc.
It is accurate and I am happy with the results.
Go for it.
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Medicalfave : How are these differ from each other?
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kartonnik : I think you mean difference between fixed and variable type loans. A fixed loan has a fixed interest rate, meaning that for the life of the loan, the interest rate cannot change. This doesn't mean your payment can't go up, though, in the case of a mortgage. Your payment will include taxes and insurance and your home insurance and tax rates can go up.

In the case of a variable interest rate, the interest goes up based on whatever index the interest rate is based on. A common index is the LIBOR index which changes on a daily basis subject to market forces. A variable interest rate can actually go down. However, they can also go up.

A credit card is never fixed, the bank can change the rate at will. An auto loan is typically fixed. A mortgage can be either.
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2qot54rt74o : Credit card can be a wonderful item to have. However, they can also create problems. How can individuals protect themselves from financial difficulties when they make purchases with credit? What should someone do if they experience credit problems?
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