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ArridoNop : On New Years Eve, I am going to a little family party. Once of my parent's friend's son (who is really cute) is going to be there (he, like me, is in high school but a few years older than I am). I want to look really cute but in a casual way. I will be wearing natural looking make up, nude colored nail polish, and semi-curled hair. But I have not clue what to wear! I'm thinking either jeans or black leggings. Also, I would prefer to wear either black flats, light/dark brown Uggs, light brown moccasins, or black riding boots. There are also some light pink feather earrings that I would like to wear. Any outfit ideas??? Thanks :D

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monaswola : NOTHING AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!! (mmmmm sorry if you are a kid tough :P)
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SamuelX4 : So I got approved for a Capital One card and I applied online. Limit is $500. I got rejected by Bank of America for a credit card. They said I did not have enough credit references on file.. I know this will really hurt my score but eventually I'll recover. I only applied because I'm sick of just having a secured bank credit card and a store card I got approved for. I figured because now I have a regular credit card that I don't want to apply for a while.
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TeeFThescen : I have no idea what you are trying to ask.

Secured cards are meant to jumpstart your credit history. You need to use them for at least 12 months to do much for your credit/score. If you had a secured card and a store card, you likely got denied by BoA because you didn't have these accounts very long or hadn't been using them on a regular basis.

CapOne probably has different requirements than the BoA card -- both banks have various card plans. Some take better credit than others.

I really don't know what you think "hurts your score". Applying for the cards results in a hard inquiry which only dings your score a couple points. Your score starts to rebound in 6 months. Really NOT a big deal.

Opening new accounts can lower your score due to lowering the average age of accounts. I suspect this won't make any difference as your other accounts are probably less than 4 years older.

Don't put so much credence in all the commercials and "credit expert" sites. Most of the stuff they harp on is nickle and dime crap -- not worth the effort for a point or two. Just pay all your bills on time and check your credit reports annually for accuracy. Your score will take care of itself.
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Conk525nfV : I am 16 and i have a bank account and a regular debit card and i would like to get a visa debit card so i can do online shopping. Do i just go into the bank and ask for one? And am i old enough? And also which banks offer them? I live in Canada.
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Estatafarie : I check my credit score last year in November or December and it said 726. I now want to apply for an auto loan so I checked it again just to make sure and it now says 703. It dropped 23 points. I figured it's because I did 4 hard inquiries since I last checked and I have a blanance on a few things like a refrigerator, earrings, and my credit card. I always make my payments on time and I always pay my card off in full.
My question is, if I pay off the refrigerator and earrings to make the balance for what I owe both stores Zero will my credit score shoot back up?
Does it take time to process that I don't have to pay these things any longer?
I really want the 2014 camaro and I need a $6,000 loan, I know I can still get it but I want my score to be high when the dealers run it. I'm wondering if it'll automatically go up after those things are paired off. By the way I'm 20 years old.
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franklynjehoj : Not all scores are the same. Creditors use FICO scores. The only place consumers can get real FICO scores is Monitoring services use Fakko scores. all three credit bureaus now sell consumers non-FICO scores based on different scales. There is no comparing these and they are worthless.

If the frig and earrings are installment loans, paying them off early won't improve your score. Installment loans build credit by making payment over time. However, if they are revolving accounts (credit cards), then paying them off may improve your score. Carrying balances of more than 30% of your limit hurts your score. Pay off the credit card balances and your score immediately rebounds.

Hard inquiries ding your score a couple of points. At 6 months your score starts to rebound. By the 12th month, it no longer impacts your score. They age off completely in 2 years. Hard inquires really are not that big a deal.

Opening new accounts lowers the average age of accounts (just like closing older accounts) which can lower your score.

In any case, score is really only a very small part of any credit decision. What shows on your credit report is more important. You could have a 730 FICO and be turned down due to limited history. On the other hand, someone with a 630 FICO and extensive history would be approved. At 20, you may not have enough history to qualify for a car loan, no matter what the score.
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lconnorq : wait 30 days after pay off.
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TORBLOORORDIXOD : Ok so I have about $41 left on my visa gift card and I selected the option of using a credit/debit card because I don't have a Paypal. I typed in my card number and all that stuff. I want to use my credit card for the remaining $15 I have to pay but it doesn't give me that option. I think eBay thinks I have $60 on my visa gift card but I don't. What should I do?
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