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sharonben : So my boyfriend gave me a necklace today like a last minute gift today and its a locket from target. i think its made out of metal or stainless steel or something. it's really special to me i want to wear it as much as possible but i know if i wear it into the shower it will tarnish quickly. are there any ways that will "preserve" the quality of the locket?
also, i was looking online it might also be sterling silver, please give me more than "dont wet it"

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Daudiodia : Don't get it wet, it'll turn green.
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browadonha : This might sound weird but I put a clear coat of nail polish over keeps it from rusting. Also don't shower with it on / get it wet.
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Hoonorshani : Plus business owners have to pay a higher interest rate to accept them.
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crydayspusync : Amex offers both credit cards and charge cards (charge cards have to be fully paid off every month).

Yes, depending on which card you get, you can get a lot of perks, such as membership in the priority club of car rental companies, concierge service, free visits to fancy airport lounges, etc.
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nersFoogeonge : If you do a lot of business travel, Amex has some useful perks. Some of the cards have pretty good reward plans.

The downside is that Amex isn't as widely accepted as Visa or Mastercard. Even Discover is accepted more widely than Amex in some areas of the country.
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shjica4369 : what stores manually punch in credit cards. what stores manually punch in credit cards
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Rinkaliskiply : I don't know of any stores that do it on a regular basis. However; if there's a problem with the card being swiped, any store CAN enter the numbers manually.
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NitengekGen : i applied for aqua card afterward i received pin number but did not credit card. i applied for aqua card afterward i received pin number but did not credit card
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Evarroria : They are sent separately for security reasons. If it more than a few days contact the card provider.
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