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VaraTrurorb : Im looking for a jewelry armoire that can hold a lot of earrings as well as some bracelets and necklaces but I cant afford anything too expensive. I'm really looking for something around $100 but $200 at the most. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Emaimiply : I bought a prepaid mastercard in cvs and loaded it with cash. According to the receipt, the cashier activated the card for me. I just read the fine prints and other stuff and it turns out, i have to still register the card online with my SSN and other info....I don't feel safe telling my SSN(that's why i got prepaid card in the first place). Since I'm not 18 yet, i can't really register the card. If I don't register my card, but it has been activated, what happens? Am I still charged the monthly fees? And at this point, what should I do? Can I still return it to CVS(the package has not been tampered with, and I did not scratch the code thing).

Please help me! I don't want my money to go to waste...
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Rfdsezlft : .. Hey guys.. i have a credit card .. but i dont know what to buy online .. i want to buy something like premium membership or premium hosting account not buy from amazon etc. .. and i want to know what to buy online like games or premium accounts or useful programs for pc etc. and thanks
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aoioktoy : It's best if you don't waste your money, if you are still young you should save that money for when you become ~50 because it will make your future life easier without worrying about paying the rent since you will be retired.
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GuttwersBeefs : Amazon is my favorite place for buying almost anything online. Their approval rate is 98.2%.
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exeveable : I've had one for 2 years now... but it was never used until recently.

So, if I owe 351.68$ by August 15th... and make the payment in full on August 12th... will using the card between August 12th and 15th count towards the same billing cycle or the next? I mean, would the new charges have to get paid by August 15th as well or would they count towards September's due date?
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DegreeMoon : You have a cut off date for charges and a payment due date. Charges made after the cut off date, which is usually the date the bill was printed, will be on the next bill. So charges on the card between 12th and 15th August will be on the September Bill.
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clilyq : They will be billed shortly after August 15 and due on September 15.
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salepoucj : Dues dates and billing cycle dates are two completely separate things. Your billing cycle ends before you even get your statement
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OrderZithromaxOnline : No, once the bill is made out you can use it because the cycle restarts.. anything before the billing cycle ends will result in more charges added to the previous bill.
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