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Dizmeaxia : It is a guilty pleasure and after seeing people with them right below their necks I kinda thought they were cute. What are the risks of them and are they cheap? What type of jewelry can you wear with them?

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RoopBiamimb : They scar and get infected constantly. Its 10 times more retarded than getting a tattoo.
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Dyertonnori : I'm a little confused about what happens if I miss a payment. First of all I've already made the minimum payment. So my credit card bill is due on the 14th, and the amount due is let's say $1000. The total balance, however, is $1500. The $500 is from purchases I've made since the last statement, and not a previous balance (I always pay it off every month, this is the first time I won't be able to pay the full amount due on time). I get paid on the 15th so I'll be able to pay the $1000 then, one day late. I know I'll get a little bit of interest on the $1000 for that one day. But my question is, will I get interest on the $500 that haven't posted on a statement yet (the statement is released on the 17th), and for how long? Also, will I get interest on new purchases? I read somewhere that you get charged interest on new purchases immediately if your card carries a balance, but I don't know what 'balance' is referring to. I guess it's safest to just pay the entire $1500 on the 15th... But if I do that, when can I use my card again without getting interest? Do I have to wait until the September 17th? Please clarify. I bank with Chase btw.
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stoffCitsmord : The credit card issuers LOVE customers who cannot pay off the balance due.

I will assume you reside in the US, or at least the card was issued to you when you were a US resident and the statements are still sent to a US address. If so, you and the credit card issuer are subject to the Credit CARD Act of 2009. Under the act, which sets the rules for credit card fees and the disclosures for those fees, the back of your monthly credit card statement must clearly state your minimum monthly payment and the interest rate you will be charged.

Therefore, when you receive your credit card statement, the answers to the questions you asked must be disclosed in a clear manner.
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mormbrarel : have a visa or mastercard credit card number that works. have a visa or mastercard credit card number that works
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mejdawdkrg : yeah all you have to do is go to a bank and set up a credit card account :)
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hermancndvew : yes when you apply for one get approve they will
send yiu that works
isnt that amazing a credit card company will send you a card that wirk
what will they think up next -oh maybe the telephone
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AlteddyFedy : A credit score can impact your financial future from buying a car to your first house. What are some things you can do to keep your credit score satisfactory? What are some effects of having a bad credit score?
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hamyarragma : Maintain your debt payments, don't be too far in arrears. Stop buying Starbucks and pay down your CCards or other debts. Have a stable income and Long salary/ residential history. Stop requesting credit checks
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Antinstiers : A credit score is based on a 12 month activity and goes up 5 to 10% per month providing you are paying on time.In 12 months you'll have a fair score (620/659) and in 24, a good score (660/749). The only way your score could drop is if you defaults on your accounts. You should write down your account name, number and when you usually get your monthly statement. If you do not receive it in 3 days, then call and ask what the problem is. I have no idea where consumers thought if they did not get a statement, they do not have to pay it.
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