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Medicalfave : I bought a sequined dress for New Year's Eve and I'm not quite sure how to accessorize. I need help with jewelry/makeup/nails/shoes. The dress has a lot of colors purple, blue, green, fuchsia and it also has a black slip which peeks through at the top, it comes to about 6in. above my knee. It also has a knot in the middle.

Thanks for your help :)

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Wourryallebra : Plain black heels, tiny silver hoop earrings (or any non jeweled earrings you can find) so that theres not too much glitter, and a silver non jeweled necklace, maybe some sort of pendant, with a black jacket over, and a black bag/clutch. Preferably black nails, if thats too dark maybe a shade of silver or a blue that matches the dress.
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flekornarerne : just go naked. that's what i'm doing
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SicTweree : Hello

I was recently approved for Bank of America ($500 Credit Limit) and Capital One ($500 Credit Limit). My plan is to use no more than $50 for each card ($100 total for both cards) to keep my utilization rate around 5~9% each month. My credit history is fairly new and the only history besides the new credit cards I have is $8,900 in auto loans that someone cosigned for me. I am paying the payments every month. In my history it says that I have no missed payments and my current Credit Score is 656.

I have a few questions:
1) Does paying the auto loans every month help my credit score?
2) Should I pay my credit card bills on the due date or a few days before? (Doesn't it take 2-3 days for payment to post? So if I pay on the due date will it be marked as late payment?)
3) Anything that I am doing wrong? Or any advice you can give me to improve my credit score?

Thanks a lot ! :)
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acilivesserma : Pay at least the min payment a few days before the posted deadline - it takes a few days to process. Paying off loans in good order and keeping your used credit low compared to the limit is a great idea.
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Unrerolor : one way you sound smart
and another way you sound stupid. of course paying auto loan every month will help credit.
and of course pay your bills a few days befor due date, they need time to get there.but it sounds like you already know this.
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DavidVH : 1. Yes
2. Pay on or before the due date. As you know, credit card payments have a 30 day grace period.
As long as the payments are paid on time, there will be no "black mark" against your FICO
3. Make payments on time.
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dralcerly : i just bought a 35$ prepaid visa an hour ago to pay for somethin i bought of ebay. I am very familiar with using these cards thru paypal ebay an amazon i do it all the time so i know you have to go to the prepaid visa website, make an account and then register it for online purchases. I made an account it says i have 35$ of availabel cash but when i go to register it, i filll in all the blank boxes correctly and hit enter but it just redirects me to this white sort of screen. i have the side bar tho, it makes it look frozen but its not, i tries 3 times but it kept doing that, i even tried 3 more times on a different computer. This has never happend to me before and its very frustrating i need to pay for my item, where it usually says address registered sucssesful, its just blank... someone help !
Yes they do, if you read my question you'd see that I DO IT ALL THE TIME. My question isnt even about ebay OR paypal, its about just the prepaid visa and the website...... please read next time
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ylmkskevmzx : paypal and ebay do not accept, honor or allow prepaid visa cards
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ByncFausaBymn : It probably won't mess up your credit rating. But I would still report this mistake to Blockbuster and have them correct it.
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