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wd69irnuwb :,r:11,s:0 it's this type but the bit where you turn round so that it stays in place is broken... can I saw off the remaining bit and stick some sort of pin instead?

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CPJames : HI
can a student apply for icici credit card i want to apply for HPCL credit card icici
can someone help me out

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skidgeskags : im planning to apply for a credit card. what type of credit card is the best .because they have 3 choices. i just want to get a cc with 500$
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multthict : At that level, anything that has no annual fee - no sense paying for a card to build credit, which at $500 is all I assume you're doing there.
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esyez003 : I need to start building credit. I'm trying to get a good credit card.

1.) How does that work? Do I just pay my bills with the card? Or do I use it for everything and pay it off accordingly?

2.) How do I decide where to open a card? Is it just which company gives the best perks? How do I do it???

Thanks for any input.
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Tipamike : you should consider a m/c or a visa card as they usually have more places where they are accepted. of course you need to be 21, have had a job for the past couple of years( all the basic prerequisites. generally people start looking with the bank where they have their checking/savings accounts but it is not mandatory. you will need to provide them with all your personal financial information as well as a d.l. and soc sec card. your initial maximum will be low as you are just starting need not accept any card offers that have an annual fee as there are plenty out there without. many current offerings have 0 interest for 12-18 mo. this would be good. visit several banks and speak with cust. service reps. and compare offerings. make sure after you select your card and card holder that you pay off your monthly bill in full each month before its due date to get the best credit report. good luck
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Lypeidioday : How much money will I get on my store credit card if I trade in a game .Like if I buy a game for 60 dollars and I trade it in for store credit what percent of my money will I get back.
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DuepLumew : You'll probably get $2
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PenGliliabe : Depends on the game, its' age, the demand for the title, etc., Certainly less than new, and at times quite a bit less. Gamestop will only purchase back titles they think they can sell, and they will obviously pay out less than what they will sell it for.
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