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malborosek : I found a silver 'tecnigold' chain at the beach, i was just wondering how much it could have cost? I have no idea about the brand, I've never even heard of it but i went on ebay and searched the name up and a little pendent came up for 300 dollars so i guessed that it was a expensive chain but i just needed to know for sure. also anyone know where i could sell it? thanks everyone!
p.s - i live in melbourne, victoria.

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ziperhapsem : I may Purchase a Prepaid Credit card from a Drug Store and I want to use it on and and I was wondering if this is possible, and How I can do this. Thanks
It says on the Card 100$ MasterCard Gift card
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HonsjoriAcino : Not if you're under 18.
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AntetaMap : Please understand the difference:

A prepaid card is a DEBIT card, not a credit card(may have monthly maintenance fee). This does not help you establish credit.
A CREDIT card is a card with a credit line extended to you by vendor(may have card renewal fee). Payments can affect your credit

If you do obtain a PREPAID DEBIT CARD, the one that you purchase from the store will not have your name on it. So trying to make online purchases may not work. After you have registered your PREPAID DEBIT CARD, you can always call customer service(listed on back of card) and request a card in your actual name.
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Emaimiply : I bought a prepaid mastercard in cvs and loaded it with cash. According to the receipt, the cashier activated the card for me. I just read the fine prints and other stuff and it turns out, i have to still register the card online with my SSN and other info....I don't feel safe telling my SSN(that's why i got prepaid card in the first place). Since I'm not 18 yet, i can't really register the card. If I don't register my card, but it has been activated, what happens? Am I still charged the monthly fees? And at this point, what should I do? Can I still return it to CVS(the package has not been tampered with, and I did not scratch the code thing).

Please help me! I don't want my money to go to waste...
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eplreve842 : I have 3 negative reports on my credit list that I checked (
I'm barely 20 years old already in debt with a terrible credit score...horrible, I know :( I went overboard with my credit card while shopping & it all went downhill from there!

I have no idea where to start, or who to call or talk too, & I get calls daily from all sorts of people. I contacted lexington law firm but this whole thing still isn't making any sense to me, and lots of people are saying I can fix this on my own, & save lots of time & money! Any advice? Please help!!!!!
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daunkwoorousa : Look at your credit report and see where the outstanding balances went to...usually a credit collecting agency. You can contact them and ask how much the debt is. Most of the time, you can work a deal with them about making monthly payments or a large lump sum for a bit less of what the debt is. Before you do anything though, ask to get a statement in the mail so you know what you're dealing with. Then, you can arrange what kind of payment meothd you choose, Sometimes, they'll ask for an account number to take out your payment(s), credit card info to pay debt, or request that you only send personal checks. Personally, I wouldn't do it and tell them you're gonna send a cashier's check or whatever method you choose.

Whatever payment you make, keep a copy or receipt! Keep making regular payments and you'll see your credit score go up.
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AvedaCleava : Hi Erin,

You actually can get negative items disputed and removed from your credit score despite what other individuals will tell you. I know because I had it done to my credit score. I had a girlfriend when I was younger and we got a joint credit card which she never paid the balance and was hurting my credit. These negative marks on your credit can be removed.
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seettyDoums : so my itunes account is connected to my dads credit card. i thought i was on gift cards but i guess not. can he see what i bought or only how much i spent?
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