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Madison3528j : i have about $25-30 dollars to spend. any jewelry, clothes,makeup,accesories....
any advice would be appreciated!!

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DuepLumew : A bag of chips.
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FriendKennedy : Cute clothes or makeup , or if theres enough money , a pair of cute shoes :)
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aoioktoy : I spent my Christmas money at Sephora and I really like this glitter liner I got. You put it on top of black top eyeliner. I got more but I like that a lot. And it doesn't flake or get in your eyes!
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GuttwersBeefs : Maybe a nice cozy sweater or a pair of pajamas.
A cute pair of shoes or Jeans
Vera Bradley and Bed Bath and Body Works
Save it and buy something from apple
;) happy new year!
P.S. Just dance 3 is also awesome!
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chatovvod : Nice shirt with matching pants OR
Nice pair of shoes (Vans can be in ur budget) OR
Accessories like bracelets, necklaces, earrings etc.
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Sweestlex : winter trends!
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invoneBed : 25-30$ is not a lot of money so choose carefully.

Toms Shirt
A shirt from just about anywhere
A pair of jeans (maybe)
Victoria secret crewneck or sweatpants on sale
A VS bra on sale lol
put in in savings account
freshwater pears earrings
perhaps a wallet
A scarf or two
some cute headbands and clips
feather extensions
feather earrings
pillow pet
3 bottles of OP nail polish
I guess you can buy makeup but I've never worn it, I don't know how much it costs
A load of stuff from bath and body works
a beret or fedora (hat)
Save it for when you need money to go to the movies or something
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Artedeendulse : If I were you, I would get jewerly. Its always good to have some jewerly, or add a lot more to your collection! Haha :) it spices up any outfit.
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anydayerast : Im trying to sign up for a website but it wants my credit card number. I don't have one and can't get one. Don't ask why!! So i was wondering if anyone knows like a fake credit card number that works???
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