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NUAKYPHYDAY : I am young and a size 26/28 and in order to motivate myself to lose weight I want to become more fashionable. Right now I wear tees and jeans and have a few mismatched pieces of jewelry but I want my look to be eclectic, you know, a mismatch that works together (think a British/Indian mix with patterns, like floral, plaid and stripes, bold colors, no neon though, and chunky jewelry). Which pieces do I need to achieve this look? Please include pictures if you can :) Thank you!

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biohazad : Well good for you:) losing weight is a great confidence booster and you'll feel absolutely great! I know exactly what your talking about so here are two websites that will help u get the look u want! They are quite similar and they are both having great end of the season sales right now! plus if you sign up for their Free catalogs you get like 15% discounts and stuff like that every month! The two stores are Alloy and delias. Good luck and i wish you much success, and may the new year bring you much to look forward to!
I have recently posted a question myself and i would greatly appreciate it if you or someone else could help! thanks!!!:)
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TinityXator : It's awesome that you are trying to lose weight. But I suggest reaching your target weight before spending so much on a new wardrobe. I have to say for the eclectic look, it's hard to have key pieces, if you know what I mean. I'm preppy and so my key pieces are cardigans, dark jeans, polos, etc. Here are some stores and things that would be good to have to achieve the look you are going for.
Athropologie and Urban Outfitters- They are owned by the same company and are great for your eclectic accessories. You can mix girly necklaces and bracelets form Anthropologie with edgy belts and bags from Urban Outfitters.
Madewell- This store is where to go for bold sweaters and tops. A lot of their stuff has stripe patterns, even plaid.
H&M and Forever 21- They are both budget friendly stores where you can pick up trendy things like floral tops and oxfords.
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ekstab : Hi guys, so I went to get a credit card and they rejected me because someone has used my social security number and has taken out numerous auto and home loans. I'm a 19 year old male and these loans were aken out 6-8 years ago, which obviously is fraud since I was 12 then and couldn't take out a loan. I filed a police report, but my question is what the next steps? Do i need to call credit companies, how do I remove all those loans from my credit?
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RewRokskype : Welcome to hell.

Print out your credit reports, and scan them pdf to send to different companies as proof.
Call the credit agencies and talk to a real person. You can protest all you want on line, nothing will happen until you talk to a real person.

If someone stole from capital one using your social security number. Capital one will never issue you a card until this is cleared up. You have to call capital one card, talk to a supervisor in the fraud department. You may have to send them information. They will have to withdraw the report from your credit report. If needed, call your state attorneys generals office. Credit card companies are not allowed to make false claims, but it can take years to unlink credit reports.

Someone you know thought they could do this, and it would come off the credit report after 7 years. Also check for arrest records.
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stuartfish : All I have is 5 dollars in my bank account. I want to pay them that.

Is it a way to pay them back that little money, even with a delinquent account?

I have been delinquent on my account for the 12-24 months.

Can they negotiate with me that I can pay little by little until I get a job and some real money?
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NenSninelix : It is a very bad idea to attempt any kind of payment plan on a defaulted account that has gone to collections, but sending very small payments is just stupid. All you are doing is restarting the Statute of Limitations (SOL), the time frame to bring lawsuit.

Instead, save up and wait till you have enough to make a lump sum settlement offer. You should be able to settle for 50%, maybe even 25% in a lump sum. Get any settlement agreement in writing before you pay and do not give the collector direct access to your bank account.
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hemeokrmer : do not worry about it when you have more money do the best you can
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fwnoqhvl : or is it a loss for the credit card company.
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dsyez001 : all creditors will have to file a claim against the estate. This includes credit cards debt.
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