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eldemowerrorm : So for new year's I'm wearing this top:

and this skirt:

these are my shoes:

but I don't know what jewelry to wear... can some one help me please?(:
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Vomehouth : doesnt look like you really need any just wear a cute necklace or some bracelets :) or rings but the outfit stands out enough :-) you look really nice, have funn! nothing to do this new years :(
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Payncattiff : Well seeing as the top has sequins there's already quite a lot going on so you won't need a necklace unless it's just a thin gold chain with a small charm on it. Try and wear a few fun colourful bracelets mainly pink if you have them. I think some of those friendship bracelet type things would look good, you know the ones made of string. And then if you have your ears pierced some medium sized gold earrings. Not hoops, studs but big ones like at lease a centimetre and a half across. Hope this helped and have fun!
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Gypeherge : The blue going on in the top is quite bright and glitzy so go with jewellery that won't clash. (pink/orange/yelow/colourful) jewellery. I think black or gold would be classy and subtle yet very glam. Maybe some chunky black/silver/gold bangles would go well too. :D
Have a good night!
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Easereoda : I turned 18 about two months ago and wanted to start building credit, so today I applied to 2 store credit cards and one Discover It card online.
Until five minutes ago I had no idea that applying for credit cards hurt your credit score. :(
To add to the problem, I changed my middle and last name last week and am not sure that my good credit history will show up to the companies. I have been a good standing authorized user on 3 of my mother's credit cards for over 2 years now, but I fear that this won't even show up when the companies view my credit report...

Is there any way that I can explain this to the credit card companies once I am denied? Dispute it maybe?

Bottom line= Did I just screw myself over big time?
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AgapeMo : Chill, it is expected for someone 18 to apply for cards to build a credit history, just do not do too many.
Stick with what you already have.
Do not worry about the name change, they can track that.
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punov104 : First off, your credit history is tied to your social security number so even if you have a name change, your credit history will stay with your SS #.

Secondly, applying for a lot of credit all at once it not great but over time, it won't really matter. What you need to do is pay your bills on time and don't run up the balances on these cards. That will help your credit score.
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butTeallbah : No, you didn't ruin your credit. But you probably won't get any of those cards.

Applying for credit causes a hard inquiry which dings your score a few points. No big deal, despite what so many "credit expert" sites claim. Your score starts to rebound in 6 months and after 12, the hard inquiry no longer impacts your score. They age off complete in 2 years.

However, applying for mulitple cards within a short period is almost a guarantee to be turned down. It appears you are trying to take on too many new lines of credit.

If you do manage to get approved for one of those cards, use the card for regular purchases and pay the statement balance in full every month. That will build credit and avoid interest. If you don't get approved, wait 3 months (6 would be better) and apply for a card thru your bank.

Once you have established a couple years of credit history in your own name, have your mother remove you as authorized user on her accounts. On down the road, authorized user accounts can be a problem.
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SEO_optimalizace_webu : as above - relax.

u do need to go to library for
books on credit slavery to learn b4 u get
burned or freak out over what u do not
know or need.
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Dyertonnori : I'm a little confused about what happens if I miss a payment. First of all I've already made the minimum payment. So my credit card bill is due on the 14th, and the amount due is let's say $1000. The total balance, however, is $1500. The $500 is from purchases I've made since the last statement, and not a previous balance (I always pay it off every month, this is the first time I won't be able to pay the full amount due on time). I get paid on the 15th so I'll be able to pay the $1000 then, one day late. I know I'll get a little bit of interest on the $1000 for that one day. But my question is, will I get interest on the $500 that haven't posted on a statement yet (the statement is released on the 17th), and for how long? Also, will I get interest on new purchases? I read somewhere that you get charged interest on new purchases immediately if your card carries a balance, but I don't know what 'balance' is referring to. I guess it's safest to just pay the entire $1500 on the 15th... But if I do that, when can I use my card again without getting interest? Do I have to wait until the September 17th? Please clarify. I bank with Chase btw.
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