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ellis2012 :

What color jewelry would go best with this dress?
And pictures of types of jewelry would be appreciated :D

I'm Asian btw , and cool toned, but I don't have like, a fair skin tone.

And what color shoes should I wear? Black?
Thanks :)
I would say I could be any of the middle colors from Midtone-Asian to Pallor-Caucasian

and I'm a teenager, haha. 8th grade prom :);_ylt=AqVtU.M.jO4czcpiyPaLRYzty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20111229163724AAS0du5

Here are similar questions for easy points :D
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abicerteriuro : My mum had a purple dress which she wore gold jewellery it looked gorgeous so gold deffo and black shoes
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2qot54rt74o : Gold jewelry for sure ! Besides gold would go best with your skin tone ! pretty dress btw :)
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omibettetulge : If your older, go for gold, but if your younger and want to make your look edgy go for the silver x
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VTOVJJ : I would say silver just as long as its not really cheap because seeing that silver sparkle would like great with that dress!!!
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Neglesnig : Gold. Black shoes. Goes good with your skin tone.
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Yopemrlde : yes
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vvvtttjjjccc : I need to rebuild my credit, and I am looking for a secured credit for my first step, as i was told this is a good place to start. I show 0 credit, 0 debt, but have accounts in collections. Most of my collections are hospital bills. What should I do to start rebuilding my credit... Any advice?
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Biliflachitn : only the lender will know that. call, email etc. also do you wear t shirts? do any of them do anything for you? kickstarter .com search goal setting clothing! watch the video. The first shirt ever made that isn't for fashion and won't lose it's trend tomorrow. Pretty clever.
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JohnMalkovitzch : According to their website, they report to all three credit bureaus. The site info is a little confusing when it talks about the annual fee and available initial limit -- I was just scanning, but it did send up a red flag. The interest rates seemed pretty good for a secured card specializing in rebuilding bad credit.

Stick to a small limit -- $200 to $300. Use the card for regular purchases like gas and groceries and pay the statement balance in full every month. That will build credit and avoid interest. In about a year or so, you should be able to qualify for a regular card some where else. I don't think you will be able to convert this secured card to a regular account.
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