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foelanalf : I want a jewelry box with two doors for necklaces and some drawers for rings/bangles and one with a mirror.I found this one on kohls
but i wanted to know if there were any other ones below like 40 dollars. Please help me. This is urgent. Also if it was in like white,black,or brown that would be lovely.Thanks.
Um i want an actual link or picture to one. not just a store where i can find one.

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esyez011 : Walmart, Sears
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chistazgf : My credit card was accidentally charged $100 for joining a yahoo fantasy football league.
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nanadokilalo : Hey you guys, lets say I want to buy a car from a dealership( used ones) that have cars from $7,000 - $13,000. Which of the credits business reports does the salesperson use to check my credit or they see my fico one? so which one is the one that I can use to buy a car or get a loan to buy a house.
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BedoPearrr : The scores you get from the 3 credit bureaus are what is called "Vantage Scores" and they have an entirely different rating scale than FICO.

I recently wrote an article outlining the pros and cons of FICO vs Vantage Scoring.

Mortgage lenders primarily use your FICO score.
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VElorna : Creditors use FICO scores. They pull credit reports from one of the three credit bureaus: TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax. The score is based on the particular credit report.

The only place consumers can get real FICO scores is You can only get FICO scores for TransUnion and Equifax. Experian doesn't play well with others.

Normally dealerships process financing thru a third party. They review your credit report which is much more important than your score. If you are dealing with a buy here/pay here dealer, they may not even bother to pull credit reports. Most don't bother to report the payment history to the credit bureaus.
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biohazad : This should help you to understand how credit scores work..

FICO scores from 300 to 850 and Vantage Plus scores from 501 to 990.

Here is the breakdown for both systems.

Vantage Plus system scores from 501-990.

FICO system scores from 300-850.
Elite-740-& up
Sub-prime-624-& under

FICO is the only one that matters since it's the one that all major lenders look at.

So as you can see it depends on if your looking at a true FICO score or a Vantage plus score.

As far as what makes up credit scores it's the following;
1. Payment history (longer the better) 35%
2. Time in bureau (longer the better) 15%
3. Types of credit (mix of credit cards & installment loans) 10%
4. New credit (new accounts and inquiries) 10%
5. Debt to credit ratio (lower the better) 30%

Things that don't effect your score.
1. How much you make or how long you have been on your job.
2. Where you live or how long you have been there.
3. Any account not considered real credit like cell phones, rent, utilities, insurance or gym memberships.
4. If your a registered voter or not.
5. Having a checking or savings account.
6. How wealthy you are.

So as you can see credit is based on opening and paying accounts. So without that you would have no score at all.

The credit bureaus use different scoring systems, Equifax scores from 250 to 843, Experian from 253 to 893. Transunion from 250 to 877.

There are also 3 different types of scores. The standard that you see, the auto enhanced that only auto dealers and lenders see and the factual which only mortgage companies and lenders see.

So each person can have 12-15 different scores none of which will match. Great system huh. Add to this the fact that all lenders do not even report to all 3 credit bureaus and some don't report at all and you begin to see the problem with our current system.

As far as a real score goes, go to it will cost $20.00 but you will get a real FICO score. You might also go to and print out all 3 of your reports for free, no reason to pay a credit monitoring service.

Good luck.
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graiccabs : I have a Visa MasterCard from the USA, I'm moving to canada though. Do I need to get a new credit card in canada?
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BuyNolvadex : It'll work in Canada, but you'll continually be charged foreign exchange fees buying things in Canadian dollars. Better to get a Canadian card here when you're settled.

As for your credit history, it's not easily transferable - strangely, American accounts don't appear on Canadian credit reports, and vice versa, even though the economies are pretty tightly integrated.
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rotsKneeneusa : I'm trying to get a car loan, but I have no credit. I've been trying to get a credit card, but NO ONE will give me one cause I have no credit so I'm kinda stuck there. It's annoying. Anyways, I was wondering if it'll even be possible for me to get a car loan? I'm 18 & I just moved to Tennessee & I've had a job for a month now. I'm probably not going to be able to get a co-signer cause my parents won't co-sign with me. Anyone know if it'll be possible be me to get a car loan?
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