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Effitswes : Im talking about this one in particular:,default,pd.html?dwvar_YJRU0444_color=710&start=9&cgid=jewelry-necklaces

I got christmas money so yeah.

How long has yours lasted?
Is it heavy on your neck?
Do you wear it every day?
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Jeojeryceby : if credit card lawyer won judgment because i couldn't s up to court, can they go after my bank account. if credit card lawyer won judgment because i couldn't s up to court, can they go after my bank account
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torgonitoh : Yes, and they can also go after your wages if you are working and do not live in these state: PA, TX, NC or SC. Might be a good time to pull any money out of your checking account and put it in a safe in your residence.
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jepActitInjen : The judgment can be used to garnish wages, attach bank accounts, and lien personal property.
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ericl2299 : Not right away, but if you do not make a valid attempt to negotiate a payment schedule (for example, you can't offer to pay $5 per month and then claim a valid negotiation) or if you do negotiate a payment schedule but fail to make payments, then they can return to court to ask for relief, which can be garnishment (inmost states), attachment/seizure of any and all financial accounts, or attachment or seizure of real assets (stuff you own).
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Annahora : The lawyer won a default judgment for the amount you owe (maybe also court costs, attorney fees and interest).
The now have the right to attached your assets including your bank account.
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ZDlxre : Getting a judgment alone won't guarantee seizure of bank accounts or wage garnishment. They need an additional court order to get it. It's just a red step extra step, once they have a garnishment, they can easily get the court order. You should be notified of any extra court dates. In these subsequent court dates, you will be requested to show the court your banking history.

The statute of limitations is longer on a judgment than on the underlying credit card debt. In addition, these judgments can be renewed. It's best to try and work out a settlement deal.

One other option is trying to vacate the judgment. If you can show a good reason why you didn't show up to court, it's possible you could appeal the judgment and get it over turned.
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Teeliaprayelo : I have a verified paypal account. I found that a lot of people failed on these. Has anyone had success. Should I trust them.

I am not able to use my debit or credit atm.
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Immuptect : every month or so, i have the habit of ordering a few things from the internet, but i always have to ask my mum for her credit card number since i don't have one. and it's sort of a pain in the butt to have to be dependant on her being home etc etc whenever i want to treat myself. so i was thinking of setting up a paypal account and link it to her credit card (preferably with her permission). i was just wondering, whenever i order something will she get a detailed report on what i got or will she just know how much money was taken?
yes gregory i'm quite aware of that thank you
hey marcus!! are you ok
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Parkerb : PayPal gives the amount and the merchant on the credit card statement.
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