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2qot54rt74o : In particular, I'm looking for the sterling silver, fleur de lis diamond pendant necklace, pictured below.
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Anyngeano : Have you try I heard they are selling brand name jewelries. Maybe they are selling this jewelry.
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Effitswes : Citibank offered me the application for their simplicity card.

0% Intro APR on Balance Transfers and Purchases for 18 months. After that, the variable APR will be 12.99% - 21.99% based on your creditworthiness.
There is a balance transfer fee of either $5 or 3% of the amount of each transfer, whichever is greater.
No late fees - EVER
No penalty rate - EVER
No annual fee - EVER
Save time when you call with fast, personal help, 24 hours a day.

I've never had a credit card truly to myself. I have one with my name on it, but it's under my parent's account. So I guess I haven't established any credit rating. I'm responsible with money, I always pay my parents back when it's not food costs, but the bank doesn't know that.

Will I probably be rejected? I have a part time job and I go to school. My credit union doesn't offer cards at the moment and they keep saying wait a few months but it has been six or seven months already.

Should I have establish a checking or savings account at citi bank before or after I apply? Or wait until they accept/reject me?
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dwerrosseliem : Simple answer, NEVER get a credit card!!!

Save up to buy or get a loan if you need to buy something now.
Why would anyone in their right mind pay that much interest, ie give banks their hard earned money for free, and take the slippery road into the pit of debt?

That is exactly what you would be doing with a credit card.
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DORAGRITETERE : You have a credit history because authorized user accounts do show on your credit report and count in your FICO score (spouses and kids only). That is probably why you got the offer. You met the general requirements for the solicitation.

If you only have a part time job, you may not actually qualify for that card. Read the fine print. Somewhere it will say you may get a lesser card, if you don't meet the requirements for the advertised card. Also, the law requires that you provide proof of sufficient income to qualify for a card or have a parent co-sign.

You can go ahead and apply. Worse that can happen is you get denied. Wait at least 3 months before you apply for another card. Make sure to get a written reason why your were denied. If it's lack of income, don't even bother to apply for other cards till you do have sufficient income.
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CPJames : HI
can a student apply for icici credit card i want to apply for HPCL credit card icici
can someone help me out

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DelennyNope : Recommended to use only 30% of youir credit limit right? Is it reocmmended to only use 30% until the closing date/statement comes out/bill is due? Or just at a time? Example, my credit limit is 500, as of now i used 150 which is 30% of it. Lets say i pay it off TODAY, and it went down to $10. Can i use that credit up to 150 again? Or is it to start a whole new cycle? I don't want to have a bad credit score.
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punov128 : How to get fantastic credit with time:
Use your card for only something you need like gas.
Pay in full when you get the bill in the mail.
Not the minimum, not more than the minimum, but in full.

Sounds like you would leave a balance. Never dare do that.
Also, never pay mid-cycle. Always wait for the bill to come in the mail.
Too many reasons to list.
Does not matter how much you use on your card if you pay in full each month.
57% of Americans pay in full and statistically have those top scores.
Be one of them !!!
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sydney778 : not exactly. your 500. credit limit is good for the month, until you receive your bill and make your payment by the due date. if you pay your bill in full monthly the 30% factor is meaningless. if you carry a balance from month to month, your credit score will be ok as long as the balance is less than 30% of your credit limit, otherwise it's interpreted as your inability to keep up with your spending habits and score is eyed more.just pay in full monthly and you'll be fine. also do not pay until you receive your statement as it would be interpreted as a cash sale and would not raise your credit score. wait for the bill and pay before the due date in full is a great rule to follow.
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Toomadyettasy : I'm 19 and I have no bills or a bank account. I do have a part time job. I need to start building my credit so I can qualify for a care credit card in a year and a half for a surgery. Thanks! Please give me step by step of what I need to do
Would a phone bill do it? Can it be pay as you go or would it have to be a contract?
It's a jaw surgery. It's considered cosmetic so I have to get a care credit and my mom has horrible credit.
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