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GokGlarlAbort : Is this a nice outfit for the first day of school after the winter break,r:2,s:0

my jeggings are more blue and bigger rips

and for shoes i will wear converse,isc:gray&tbm=isch&tbnid=HhpfpEGavEi9bM:&imgrefurl=,r:0,s:0

my necklace is a circle with lv in it

or should I wear a off white loose top and a big necklace?
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GokGlarlAbort : i'm kinda 50-50 on the top maybe a shirt will just do.. not so big with necklace
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Errommeds : Hawt
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alinkamalishka : Shirt's perfect make sure the jegging's aren't so blue so they look good with the shirt, your going too far with the necklace see your mixing casual with dressy that would ruin the whole look, you can skip the necklace and wear a nice cross bag, it should be black if you don't have black you can use a brownish like yellow bag, if you don't have either then wear the off white loose top,
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songfeng301 : Okay, I am really big fan of slouchy shirts which is what I assume the top is.
They go really good with skinny's and big necklaces and in my opinion are completely fashionable.
Off tops don't do good with big necklaces, but I also am a fan of them.
I like off tops more because you don't carry weight in your shoulders or collarbone so it gives off a thinner image.
But, why don't you just wear both on two separate days?
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MAagnes : I tried using it on a few websites and it worked if I didn't use my Paypal account to order it but I wanted to order some things from and it said I had to use a Paypal account but after I logged in to my account, it declined my order. How come my Paypal account still says 0 dollars???
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WheemiGacence : Normally, PayPal would take the exact amount needed to complete the sale, so if your balance was zero before, it would still be zero afterwards.

In any case, the problem is with the gift card, PayPal doesn't like them. If they can't or won't get money from the card, they're not going to let the sale happen.
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gooeeix : paypal doesnt accept visa gift cards
that why they declined the order
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Toomadyettasy : I'm 19 and I want to start building my credit , I have applied for several stores and they have denied it.
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fachroarbo : You didn't mention anything about college. Usually credit card companies bombard college freshmen with credit card offers. They get the names from the college rolls and figure students are likely to be good customers. Keep on trying or you might take a college course just to get on the mailing list. Maybe you'll find a subject you'd like at the same time? Good luck.
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