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esyez003 : The majority of my outfits consist of this:

-skinny jeans
-cowboy inspired boots with a small heel
-some kind of flowy top
-a belt over the shirt
-necklace ..I wear feather jewelry, chain necklaces, a few tribal kinds.

-shorts,skirt, or dress
-tights underneath. I wear many different kinds and colors, some are really bright.
-ankle boots
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FliesDigGense : It sounds western inspired.
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suodi668 : you kinda make me think of selena gomez but more taylor swift or miley cyrus
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Molinotuse : Give me some information which is better. What it does? How it would benefit me?
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dwebradauri : I want to know how I would be able to get a credit card without having any credit. I have a Chase debit account, but when I tried applying for a credit card they denied me twice. It wasn't until the second time that they told me that it was because I don't have any credit. But the reason that I am opening up a credit card account is so I can build credit....

Then I applied for the Discover It card, but I was also denied. This was also a student college card so I don't know what else to do. I don't want a joint person to sign with me either and I do not attend an actual college. I will be attending community college this fall, but I want to get started on building my credit.

So I need help on how I would be able to open one.

Your answers will be much appreciated.
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PoitoProvemog : As you now know, Chase will not approve someone who doesn't already have a credit history. Discover will approve a person for the student card without a prior history. But, they turned you down either because you were on your third application or because you haven't actually started classes yet.

You said that you were a college freshman. I didn't know if you meant that you finished your freshman year in May or June. Or, if you're getting ready to start school. If you haven't started, then you should always wait to apply for a student card when you are truly a college student.

However; you now need to wait a minimum of six months before applying again. Applying for any card (whether you're accepted or not) will put a small ding on your credit rating. If you apply for lots of different cards, those dings will add up (and each one hurts more). This is why it's good to research first which issuer is likely to approve you.

Also, before applying for a card, you should make sure that you already have a savings (not just checking) account. Not only does it look better on the application, but you should get in the habit of paying yourself first. So, if you don't already have checking AND savings, you should take care of that in these next six months before you apply again.

EDIT: I had kind of skimmed your question. Looking back, I see that you're NOT yet a college student. So, that alone would have gotten you a denial from Discover. But, now that you've submitted three different applications, you need to wait before applying again. If you apply a fourth time, you'll just hurt your score even more - so that it would probably be at least a year before you could get a card.
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careeradvicejza : Im trying to put my card to this websote and their asking for a bank code. I have no idea what that is. Its not the branch code, nor is it the first 4 digits on your card. What is it? Where do i find mine???
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Enginisseve : Look on the back off the card for the three digit number in the field where you entered your signature. That is probably what they are referring to. They want to make sure you have the physical card in front of you and not just a credit card number.
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dwebradauri : I'm moving to Canada form Europe in 10 days and I will need to open a bank account and a credit card.

I am 22, have never requested any loan and I have no credit history in North America.
I do have a credit card already, but it's in € so if I use that overseas I have to pay commissions every time. I have always paid the full balance in time.

What are the requirements for requesting a credit card in Canada?
Will I be able to request one?
For example, by maintaining a certain sum in my bank account, or whatever?
What if I ask my current, european bank to issue a statement saying I'm a good payer?
@Go with the flow
Thanks, but I am a business major, I know the difference between checking account and credit card :) So that's why I was asking for a credit card! (and not even prepaid ones)
I need one for many reasons, including renting cars...
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