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OthefShoratte : My boyfriend bought be a double heart ring and I dont know if the stones in them are real diamonds. Im trying to find this ring online but the only website on the box is I went to the website and cant find any actual jewelry on it. Help!! Has anyone heard of this company, or have any suggestions as to how to find out where it came from? He wont tell me. Thanks.

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reetemics : Spiriti deal with packaging and displays, not jewellery itself - he probably bought the box from there separately for some reason. You should take it to a jeweller to find out for sure if it's real or not.
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hititapsecato : First of all... My father and I share the same name, first middle and last, as well as the same address. Now to the problem, I have a credit card from Wells Fargo that has appeared on his credit score and isn't shown on my own. He did not cosighn for it so I'm confused how this happened and curious how I can have it fixed. would I call wells Fargo? Also, I just checked my credit and have a score of 712 (again I'm 18) is this a good or bad score? Thanks for any help.
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ordilmida : 1) Your dad need to dispute the record.
2) the 712 isn't a FICO score so we can't tell you how good it is since we don't know what scale that is based on.
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geseamili : You need to dispute the error directly with the credit bureau that is reporting it. The credit bureau will need to investigate the error and once they see it is wrong, they will correct it on your credit report.
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RoyabyRor : I ordered something online on wednesday but ended up having to cancel the order and return it on thursday so that was about 7 days ago and it was on a prepaid card type thing but the money/ credit was never returned to me. Im worried and dont know what to do?
they said they refunded the money to me...
i got the card as a gift just adding that in
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Djoninsowdend : it wont you pay ahead of time when you cash out
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HibeUnrerie : Just called chase recon and was told that my application pending was declined. However the specialist did try to approve it. But after two minutes on hold I was told she couldnt due to a deliquency and checking account balance is under $5000. However I called the company capital one and there were no deliquencies on file what should I do now? (chase freedom card)
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Fraurnerevy : I don't have a credit card but I have a debit. Will I still be able to use PayPal
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tieday0826 : Yes.
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