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GaDGdum : im finally going to change my belly button ring for the first time, but the top was screwed on too tight...does anyone have and good methods for getting to to come off? ive tried unscrewing it counter clockwise and just clockwise....

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Kuolermef : The same thing happened with my tongue piercing. The lady that had first done my piercing screwed the ball on too tight. She did it to ensure that it wouldn't fall off and that I wouldn't accidently swallow it. Well, thanks to her, I didn't swallow it. But now I couldn't get it off. So I just went back to the shop and had them take it off for me. They even offered to change my jewelry for free. You should try going back to the shop if all else fails. And be careful when choosing new jewelry, sometimes there's a default in it. When I bought an industrial earring, the ball was glued tight on the bar. I had to go back and return it. Save yourself the hassle and buy from a trusty seller. Good luck and sorry about the length!! :)
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arroraceags : My Bank of America business credit card was past due for a while and it was charged off in February (that I was not aware of).

I deposited $5000 on July 19th that I got as a compensation after a car accident. On July 22nd, when I checked my bank account, Bank of America took $3805.22 under the name of DEBIT FOR CHARGED OFF ACCOUNT FDES NNC.

They did not notify me or gave me any kind of warning but just took that much of my money from my bank account. (I just found out about all of these information today. I was not notified that my account was charged off in February, and they took my money without letting me know in any way)

Are they allowed to do this? I needed that money to get treatments after the accident and now I lost that amount without any kind of notice.

I called them and asked if I can have them back and the answer I got was that they can make settlement to not not having to pay the rest from now or something but that amount they stole from my account went towards paying the charged off account and they can't give it back to me. I am currently waiting for the supervisor to call me back so I can ask him if there's a way for me to have that amount back and work some sort of settlement to pay monthly as it should have been.
A Hutch/ Yea I understand that but I don't understand why they didn't have steps to warn me and notify me before the account was charged off and even when it was charged off, they didn't notify me. And why they waited some time and steal $3805.22 from my bank account without my consent. They are allowed to do this?
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Gufabeenvef : I'm sure if you read the fine print related to the terms and conditions of this account, allow BofA to do this.

"work some sort of settlement to pay monthly as it should have been" - it's a CREDIT CARD - the agreement was to pay the monthly minimum amount. The bank does not need to provide a settlement a different payment plan. You didn't pay the first payment plan. Why would the bank pay the believe you would pay a different payment plan.
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laasathkaqasa : "My Bank of America business credit card was past due for a while and it was charged off in February" Charged off is a book keeping term used to note an account that they are not sure when they will be able to collect. It doesn't mean you don't owe the money. It just means they haven't received it and are not sure when or if they will.

Cross collateral of accounts is pretty standard now. If you have multiple accounts with a company or one of its subsidiaries, they will use one account as security for another. This was likely in the contracts you signed when you opened the accounts.

" they didn't notify me. And why they waited some time and steal $3805.22 from my bank account without my consent" They will notify you after the fact. If they notified you before you wouldn't have deposited the money in the first place.
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Yopemrlde : If you owe the bank and money is deposited into your account, they have every right to grab it.
They are not required to notify you. YOU owe them.
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Mobfabybrirty : And, you personally guaranteed the business credit card when you took it out. So they can come after you personally for your business credit card.
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glubalpcrulge : I have a credit score a few points shy of 700, but I want to improve it. I'm debating on getting a credit card, but are there other ways to improve it?

I'm also trying to boost it so I can apply for private student loans.
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caubocaibia : Sam P,
Read: Debt Free U by Zac Bissonnette
Apply for 100-500 scholarships
•Read: College Survival & Success Skills 101 by Marianne Ragins.
•Read: The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsay.
•Use a Credit Union not a mega bank if you do get a credit card.
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FriendJames : I promise i will spend no more than that i just need really bad .
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