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jeuxgratuitsfmfd : Out all jordans I only like the jordan 6 rings well for girls I think those are the only jordans thatll look good but im not sure if they still have them in big kid sizes do they.? If not when might they release new ones.?

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unondurpidgip : I believe tey sell them in kids sizes. Try a really small womans size if not. If you cant find the shoes just get the newest J's !! The Concords (;
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Anielavs0 : Verified By Visa pops up and when I type in the right info it tells me that an error has occurred. I'm trying to by something and the sale ends tmrw, and if I order in the next few hours it ships tmrw.
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QNfelicita : I'm a full time college student with no income (for obvious reasons), and doesn't receive scholarships, grants, loans, or financial aid. I do have financial assistance from my parents (as their dependent).

Am I eligible to apply for credit cards still, considering all the changes since 2010 for minors/no income folks? And would I be eligible without a co-signer? I don't plan on using it, just want to build my credit.
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FriendConnor : Get a secured card - that way you can build a credit line at no risk to the company, since you're spending money you deposit ahead of time.

Otherwise, anyone who gives people credit based on no evident means of paying it back is kind of asking for trouble.
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kedduadwaytum : 1) there is no such thing as a credit card with no income. I thought you needed common sense to get into college? Why would you be given a credit card with ZERO means of paying you bill each month?? Seriously!!
2) what is your "obvious reason" for not having a job?? I went to school for 18 units a term AND worked 25-30 hours a week WHILE maintaining a 3.5 what is your excuse? Most college kids work....don't be lazy!
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TrurlNismmish : Just get a part time job.Seriously go to your local Msdonald's or soemthing and ask for a part time.They politics Actually force the manager to make a comfortable work schedule for students!
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dicSlulpcut : Most gift cards/prepaid cards do not work online. That's because online sites ask you to enter a billing address when you order, so they can check that you gave the correct address (if you stole the card, you probably wouldn't know the billing address). The problem is that gift/prepay cards don't have a billing address, so they can't be verified.

Anyway you can certainly try, if it's really your card that you're trying to use then you aren't breaking any laws - the worst that will happen is the card won't work.
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bettzerboy : Try and then you will know.
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Nhlnqhes : Give it a try and if it says it does not accept gift cards then you will know
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