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likelucyru :

i do want it in pink and i do want the jeweled eye..but i need it in a screw or l shape plz help!

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hymperolek : long does a charter one visa debit card take to come in the mail. long does a charter one visa debit card take to come in the mail
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Wetepaimi : 7 to 10 business days.
They should have told you this when you applied.
Their mistake.
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MAagnes : I tried using it on a few websites and it worked if I didn't use my Paypal account to order it but I wanted to order some things from and it said I had to use a Paypal account but after I logged in to my account, it declined my order. How come my Paypal account still says 0 dollars???
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WheemiGacence : Normally, PayPal would take the exact amount needed to complete the sale, so if your balance was zero before, it would still be zero afterwards.

In any case, the problem is with the gift card, PayPal doesn't like them. If they can't or won't get money from the card, they're not going to let the sale happen.
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gooeeix : paypal doesnt accept visa gift cards
that why they declined the order
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Gonrersebesee : Okay... So, I just graduated high school, and I got a steady job with a decent pay. I'm looking to build a credit history, so I'm going to get a secured credit card. However, I need a new computer because when my parents move out in a month or so, they will be taking the one I use with them! And since I can't just get an unsecured credit card right off the bat (nor do I trust myself with one) I'm looking for a place to give me a $3-$5,000 unsecured loan without a credit history! Please help! Any information that isn't a scam will be appreciated! (And yes, I will be checking....)
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Jamesgos : Well chances are you are not going to find one. You would have better luck going to a store that sales computers, and seeing if you can finance the computer through the store, or if the store has a store credit card you can apply for. Best bet would be to get your mom or someone with good credit to co sign for oyu if they are willing.
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mapsuron : Unfortunately there are no legitimate places for you to get the loan you seek, unless a relative is willing to loan you the money or possibly co-sign for you.

You state that you need to get a new computer. Right now with students heading off to college there are a number of computer sales(Best Buy, Walmart, Fry's, MicroCenter,TigerDirect, etc.,) going on. If you choose to shop at Walmart for your computer, see if they have LAYAWAY.
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Ancessynero : The secured credit card is a good idea. It should have a limit high enough to get a new computer, which should NOT cost $3000 to $5000. If you're just starting out in life, that's way to expensive a computer. However, I would suggest NOT using the credit card for a big item like a computer. If you're even considering taking on such a large debt, it would be good to have some practice building the discipline of saving and paying on time. Here is what I would do:

1) Save up money, 10% or more of your gross pay every paycheck. Force myself to live on the rest, even if it means never eating out, including fast food.

2) Use other computers in the meantime - either at college, or at a public library.

3) Even at minimum wage, I should have $1000 saved up in 6 months. A few hundred in just one or two months.

4) Scan the local craigslist for bargains on computers. I've noticed that if I wait, I can find an old P4 computer running Windows XP with 1 GB of RAM for maybe $100. That's totally usable for most things. Or, if I waited longer, I could get a Windows 7 deal for maybe $300. The key is waiting for a bargain.
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