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malLalebalk : I received one of my great grand mothers necklace and it's got a black circle on it and on the top of the box it says Alaska Black Diamond?

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HeteHailm : Its a rare diamond from alaska
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Poendypyday : Alaska black diamonds are not actually diamonds. Rather, they are the mineral hematite, an iron oxide. Hematite is black or gray in color and formed through crystallization. The gem tends to be brittle and sometimes contains small amounts of titanium.
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Torrentyzadarmo : I am trying to establish credit history. I have absolutely nothing on my credit report. I have tried applying for a regular credit card (unsecured) and have been denied. Other than a secure card, what is the best card (department store etc.) that would approve me with no credit history?
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2qot54rt74o : Why not a secured card?
Some have annual fees as low as $29. I think Capital One does.
Something tells me you don't have savings?
Never touch any form of credit without your Emergency Fund in place.
At the very least $1,000.
Ideally 5 months worth of income

Use that secured card for something you need like gas only.
Pay in full each month.
Never, ever carry balances. It only can hurt credit.
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biohazad : I think you should start off with a secured card from a local bank. I couldn't get approved for even a store card without building some credit first with a secured card. Now that I have a few months of credit on file, I got approved for a store card that once rejected me.
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progressall : If my paypal account does not have any money, can I use my credit card linked with paypal to pay? I mean I don't have any money in my paypal account, but I have credit card linked with paypal. Can I completely pay by my credit card?
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Usathepoutouh : Yes. If your balance isn't enough to pay for the item they will automatically take the rest from the credit card.
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SoobImbTemDam : if in USA, u can not as u not 21.

laws changed.

suggest u use a library to learn about
credit slavery be4 u get enslaved.
and burned.

contact a they will allow u
to process orders and use the money in your account.

NOT a credit card.
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Jamesgo : Be very careful as your credit can ruin your whole life. And I think you have to have someone sign for you since you arent 21. But get a credit union visa card with low rates.
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