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jajidmeu : I found a man's wedding band ring today and I wondered what the markings inside meant. It has PK in a square box beside 925 so I'm assuming it's silver. Can anyone tell me more about the PK bit? Is it just a cheap silver ring or maybe worth something? Cheers.

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tecytheaddy : You are right. The 925 does refer to Sterling Silver. The PK could be some kind of maker's mark.
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LumiaFresh : I Just turned 18 and I want to get a macbook for school. I want to use their financing which is through barclays. Do you think ill get approved. I have a steady job and make about $1000 a month. I also have some credit history cause my parents had me as an authorized user on one of their cards. Using my parents to cosign isnt an option cause they already have barclays and its for new card members only. So Im hoping I can get it, What are my chances? anyway to find out if its close to possible before i apply?
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ComprarViagraVN : NEW regulations are in place and you will not qualify for a credit card.
100% sure of this.

Did you know that carrying balances is the fastest way to destroy credit?
Did you know employers check?
You could be past up for the best jobs.
Did you know that landlords, lenders, even car insurance companies check?

You are living at home? Making $1,000 a month?
Is there a reason you can't save this money?

Focus on getting a checking account in your name only.
And someday, down the road, consider a savings account for saving money for things.
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hititapsecato : First of all... My father and I share the same name, first middle and last, as well as the same address. Now to the problem, I have a credit card from Wells Fargo that has appeared on his credit score and isn't shown on my own. He did not cosighn for it so I'm confused how this happened and curious how I can have it fixed. would I call wells Fargo? Also, I just checked my credit and have a score of 712 (again I'm 18) is this a good or bad score? Thanks for any help.
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ordilmida : 1) Your dad need to dispute the record.
2) the 712 isn't a FICO score so we can't tell you how good it is since we don't know what scale that is based on.
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geseamili : You need to dispute the error directly with the credit bureau that is reporting it. The credit bureau will need to investigate the error and once they see it is wrong, they will correct it on your credit report.
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squidoooo : I remember that there was a site a while back that sold prepaid credit cards that were reloadable but the information was sent to you in your email so you could use it while you waited for it to show up in the mail. Are there still sites like that where I could pay for it on PayPal? I need the card fairly immediately any ideas?
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MemoMocaiff : Yes & Yes, safe and possible. Good luck :)
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LGlatoya : Yes, amazon would totally accept it & it's safe. Amazon accepts a variety of cards so you'll be fine (:
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