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zakladykliczko : I have had ears pierced for about 4 1/2 weeks, I changed my studs maybe 24 hours ago, but noticed the new pair may be slightly thinner, putting my starter earrings back in was easy, but it stung for a second which did not happen with the others. I want to keep my ear hole thick enough so most earrings will fit in it, but I don't really want to sleep or go out with my starter studs because they take forever to get the backs on and off.

is it acceptable to wear the starters for an hour or two every day/ second day to keep the hole from shrinking? Or should I look for thicker sleeper studs?
I've ALREADY had my ears pierced, and I've ALREADY put in new ones. But after a day and a half of wearing the new ones, when I put in my starter ones it stung a bit, however putting in the new ones didn't. leading me to believe that keeping the starters out too long could shrink my ear holes, so I would like to know how often I need to wear thicker earrings.

Thank you
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Immuptect : Hi, you have to keep them in for 8 weeks. If u get them done at Claire's like me and most other people do then they will give u some stuff after u get ur ears pierced. Everyday for the 8 weeks u will have to turn them three times a day or else ur ears will close up and the earrings won't come out. After u turn them u will have to put on some of that stuff (i forget what its called but it doesn't sting or anything u just put it on a cotton ball then dab it on ur ear) Have u gotten ur ears pierced yet? If u haven't then here's what will happen. They will put a dot on ur ear with a pen where they are going to pierce it and then ask u if that's in the right place. Then they will pierce ur ears which is unpredictable. Sometimes they hit a nerve which doesn't effect how it turns out but it will hurt a little bit. They usually don't hit a nerve though. On my first ear it didn't hurt at all cuz they didn't hit a nerve but the second one did. After the 8 weeks u will have to take ur earrings out. Thats a bit painful too but not real bad. For about the first few months to a year u will be like why did i ever do this! because for a while its a pain in the neck but it is DEFINATELY TOTALLY worth it after a while trust me. Good luck! :-) I hope I helped!
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josede73sk : not evry time.......but some
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baofu125 : no! Keep the starters for at least a week!
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sageseepamb : looking for surveys that you don't need a credit card.
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NeSkise : what web site check your credit score without pay or needing credit card info?
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ciggriecosy : I have bad credit and applied for a credit card to improve my credit score. I also use my debit card A lot and put it through as credit. Someone one told if I use my debit card as credit it can help improve my score is that true?
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yyhglppluh : No, companies can tell its a debit card just by looking at the card number
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Messcasehax : A debit card will do nothing for your credit.
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bornOwnence : Who ever told you that using your debit card for credit transactions will improve your credit should go on your list of people to NOT listen to. Your debit card will not build credit no matter how you use it. There is no line of credit. Funds come directly from your bank account, no matter if you select debit or credit. It is not reported to the credit bureaus.

Selecting "credit" is just a processing method. You sign to authorize instead of using your PIN to authorized. The transaction is then processed thru the merchants credit card processing service. Not all merchants accept debit transactions. They don't have the merchant processing servcie for debit transactions.

If you want to build credit, you need an actual credit card. Check with your bank. They are the most likely to extend credit to you. You may have to start with a secured card. Use the card for regular purchases and pay the statement balance in full every month. That will build credit and avoid interest.
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