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Rebellian : i have pierced my cartilage at a really great (and expensive!) shop twice. i thought the first time it got infected that it was my fault, so let it heal for 3 months, then repierced it but again my ear literally grew over the back to try push it out... the bump is still there!

silly it may sound i really liked having the piercing and want it again, but knowing it was high grade titanium what piercing option do i have?? dont want to do it again unless there is a sure safe alternative... thanks x
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Prurbadeora : Nothing wrong with them
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attinkMatrerm : hi
i have purchased an item for my kids from a newzealand online store and it has been lost in the post,
and i cant get a reply from the web site on the matter and the post office just say i need to contact the seller...
is ther anything natwest can do in this situation? as i paid for it with my natwest master card can i request a refund? or does it not work like that?
i paid for the item online using my natwest mastercard (credit card)

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KitActick : I wanna sell something on an auction site but i don't have a credit car nor bank account. I also want to purchase items with Paypal, is that possible?
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Sleeryrub : If you want to sell at auction, set up a PayPal account. You must link either a credit card or
a debit card to the account. You would purchase items through your account as well.
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2qot54rt74o : bank account is required to sell on ebay
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GVgayle : I know someone has done it before. If You're going to say a ''Prepaid credit card'' how does one put money on that when he has no credit card, Checking account, bank account. Also if you're gonna use the prepaid credit card to pay for something monthly how do u keep putting money on it?
@Bill How?
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orgaphocuroto : He could put cash on the prepaid card.
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demBiniadiack : So i am currently an illegal immigrant, and i am working on establishing a visa. I have court next month and i will most likely be legal in a couple of months. Ive been here all my life. Anyways i have past due court fee's that have now been passed on to a collection agency. i called the collection agency and set up bi- weekly payments. Now i went to court because i heard i can file for indigency since my son takes up most of my money and i do not make a lot. However i have a court hearing for that until almost 2 months from now. The collection agency said if i dont make payments (even though i filed for indigency) they will send it to the credit bureau, Since i dont have a ss# what will happen? Once i do have it will is appear and affect my chance of estabishing good credit?
Why would it be fraud? i Cant afford to pay for the court charges i had to go for more than 3 times adding up to almost 1000.00 so indigency is not a lie in my case , and the only way to get my visa is by clearing these charges first. But my main question was should i struggle to pay the bi-weekly payments or not pay them until something is settled in court?
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EricRU : Worse case scenario the collection agency files criminal charges of FRAUD.
Then you will be deported
Least the collection agency can do is hound you with phone calls and judgments. Once they get a court judgment they can freeze your bank accounts
All this will destroy your chance of obtaining a visa
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