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Gary_alarygosy : We aren't officially together, so I don't want anything fancy. My budget is currently like around 60. I don't have a part time job, and I'm 17. I know, sad. Haha. Anyway, anything you girls have in mind that is pretty cool for a first present? Something should would actually want to wear. Lmao

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ChetAnned : I would want a bracelet
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corte2012 : a charm bracelt
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harbour3730 : Well, personally I would say a nice necklace. Its sweet and simple. My mate got his gf a necklace when they were dating and she still wears it. Good luck!
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SeRviceFus : long is a chase credit card application take. long is a chase credit card application take
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malLalebalk : It can take a month for them to respond to you.
Most of the time, if you are not approved on the spot, you will be turned down.
So don't hold your breath for that credit card to come in the mail.
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totJintyBoxia : About 3 months ago I had an account with Bank of America, I used their bill pay system to pay someone $300, that same day I deposited a check of $372 from my job that I had at the time. Days later I get a $300 check from them saying it didn't have enough funds and a $384 check (for some strange reason they added $12 to my job check). Me being confused, I didn't know what to do. So I called Bank of America to get assistance, they advised to deposit the checks once again. So I deposited the $300 check Bank of America gave back to me (the money that supposedly didn't go through Bill Pay) and my job check. A week later I find out that my bank account was being closed!

I called the "Closed Account" operators and they keep telling they closed it because of my job check of $372, they say that check was the problem.

I don't understand because I recently obtained my transaction history and it contains the $372 from my job but it doesn't have the $300 I payed with bill pay. It has a -300 using debit. So that means that the person I was supposed to pay did receive the money? So if I don't have the $300 and I do have my $372, why did they close my account? To be honest I can care less if I don't have an account there anymore, I just care about fixing my credit score. Because I recently tried to open an account at Wells Fargo, and they closed it within days and they didn't give a debit card. Bank of America gave me bad credit score and because of that I can't open an account anywhere! And I need an account, I'm a college student that needs to pay for my books and school and other things I need.

I have talked to a Banker from Bank of America and he advised me to dispute my credit through Experian or Transunion and someone from a previous question I asked regarding this, told me that I was in chexsystems. How do I use these platforms. I know I need to get a credit report from chexsystems and annualcredit report and sent them a letter for both explaining what happen.

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bemnjefe : It sounds like the check from your job bounced - that is too bad as it caused you a lot of grief!

You are actually going to deal with ChexSystems and I have referenced a good article regarding how they work and what to do.
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GenericProdeciaBUYON : will i increase my chance of credit card approval with consolidation balance transfer. will i increase my chance of credit card approval with consolidation balance transfer
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hankon500 : Not really. Only because your not actually getting rid of the debt, your just moving it around. Example. Say you have 3 cards, each of them has a credit limit of 1000 dollars, that would make your total available credit (in the eyes of a lender) 3000 dollars. Now say you had 500 dollars on each card, and just transfered the entire balance to one card, you would still owe the exact amount of money and have the exact same debt ratio. Now, if you had a card that you knew had a much lower interest rate than the other, it would be wise to transfer the money to that account in order to pay off your debt more quickly. But as long as the debt is there, thats what they are gonna look at, and your payment history of course.
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