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TCalfred : Link doesn't work.
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BusDrersUneni : Does it mention "gift certificate", or is it just a standard "eBay" charge? Please don't answer if you don't know for sure. Thanks.
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Anielavs0 : Verified By Visa pops up and when I type in the right info it tells me that an error has occurred. I'm trying to by something and the sale ends tmrw, and if I order in the next few hours it ships tmrw.
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Sleeryrub : Im about to go school shopping and I want to buy some clothes online. Im about to be 16 and i already have a job waiting. My question is should i wait to get a job open a bank account and get a debit card or should I just get a prepaid credit card. I know both have fees but I dont know how much it adds up and what the pros and cons are of both.
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Poendypyday : The bank account with a debit card probably is much cheaper. There may be a monthly fee for the account but you won't get hit with individual fees here and there like a pre-paid card. The bank account will also offer other services that a pre-paid card does not.

You will also find that some online sites won't take pre-paid cards. Actually some sites won't take debit cards either.

Since you are a minor, you will need a parent to co-sign for the bank account and debit card.

By the way, the other response is completely WRONG. Prepaid cards do NOT build credit. They do not report to the credit bureaus. They are probably confusing a secured credit card with a pre-paid -- not the same at all. Pre-paid cards are like gift cards. Secured cards are actual credit cards that hold a deposit as collateral against the line of credit.
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YHrobertWG : A debit card takes money directly out of a savings or checking account. A prepaid card is where you deposit money into a holding account first, and when you make a purchase, it deducts money from that account.

Prepaid cards can establish a credit history where as debit cards do not. Prepaid cards are treated more like a credit card where as debit cards are not. I have attached a good article to read that explains more about the differences.
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songzhang225 : If you are really responsible then you should have waited. It's always better to tell the truth.
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cooffcoasoli : Your credit reports now have the wrong age on them.
Any employer will see this fraud, and throw your application for a job in the garbage.
(remember they see your ID).
Same with landlords.
Lenders will refuse you.
No telling what car insurance companies (yes they check) will think of this.

And you will wonder why you can't get good jobs in the future....
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shumbamma : No, the majority of people don't lie at age 17 to get credit cards.
You need to pay the Capital One account in full and close the account completely. There is no point in trying to build a credit rating on a credit file that is associated with a fake date of birth.
The problem that you have created is that you have now associated/linked your social security # on your credit files with this bogus date of birth. For any sort of credit application like a student loan, car loan, credit card or cell phone application, you are not going to be able to put in your real/actual date of birth. If you did any application will be denied.
- Filling out a credit application with your SSN and that fake DOB now that you are of legal age would be fraud...What you did at age 17 was fraud too. No, a SWAT team will not break down your door at 3:47 am, but you can get yourself in some real trouble.
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