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qcharlesc : I got my ears pierced a couple months ago and now that I can change them I want to get these fake tapers But it says they are a 16gauge? Are all earrings a 16 gauge? Because I can't start stretching my ears until I wait 6 months after I pierce my ears. So what size are most earrings? A 16g or 18g? Would it be okay to get these fake tapers even though you have to be a 16g?

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Reittyengewem : I am a college student, living with my parents. I am just starting to work and am making 2200/ month. I am trying to earn credit since I have none... nothing in my name, no rental payments, credit cards, bills, nothing. I want to be able to buy a house within a year. Should I take out a student loan just to build credit? If so, how much of a student loan? and how many years should I fix to pay it off?If not, what would be the best thing to do? Please help
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hymperolek : long does a charter one visa debit card take to come in the mail. long does a charter one visa debit card take to come in the mail
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Wetepaimi : 7 to 10 business days.
They should have told you this when you applied.
Their mistake.
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SixjougSlig : My entire "family life" with my mom has been nothing but emotional blackmail, manipulation, and complete dysfunction. I'm so tired of it and I feel like severing all ties with her... However, It's easier said than done when you're no longer in the country and she stands in the way me of tying any loose ends up back at home, so that I could sever those bonds...
Last night, I got an email about a balance alert on my credit card -- one that I rarely use and keep the balance paid off in full. Turns out the bank decided to upgrade my account to a gold card... Sadly, instead of another email alert, they informed me of the upgrade via snail mail to my home address in my native Country (where my mom also resides), and subsequently sent the new card there as well. I'll never understand why they insist informing me via snail mail when I only ever use paperless billing and e-statements... So angry about that.
Activating the card was easy because my stupid-ass used the same pin # as a spare bank card I left her so that stupid-ole-me could transfer her money whilst I'm away, you know, in case she needed anything. I figured having an actual password that nobody knows on my account would prevent any type of fraud like this, but apparently you only need the pin to activate a new card. Whatever was I thinking? To top it all off, the same bank issued a refund cheque for an overbalance on the last card to the same address.... Which was promptly deposited into the aforementioned bank account I had left my mom to use and then said money was withdrawn.
Of course, I phoned the bank and they're sorting out the investigation for the credit card fraud. They're on board with reimbursing me the funds she charged, but not the cheque since it's already been cleared. However, to get the reimbursement I will need to file a police report. Against my own mother, great.
Who does this to their children? I mean really... I've just got finished not a week ago, dropping $300 on her bills (cell, fiberop, which are in my name btw.) and this is the gratitude I get for that?
I'm so done. I've decided to cancel all the services I pay for that she has, and the spare bank account I gave her. However, this is proving to be much more difficult to do than if I was actually in my home Country.
To cancel the bank account they wanted me to visit the branch in person. Thankfully, they have at least voided the card.
To file the police report they wanted me to be in person... waiting for word from the superiors to see if they will make an exception in my case... But I'm still wrestling internally with filing against my MOTHER.
To cancel the fiberOp they want the tv-box returned... When mom finds out everything is cancelled she is going to flip-shit and I'll probably never see that box again... If I don't return the box they'll charge me $300 for it.
Cancelling the cell should be easy enough... but of course, its under contract. ECF fml.
I moved country to be with my husband and we're still sorting out my paperwork for permanent residency here, this costs a lot of money so we're definitely under financial strain at the moment... This is the last freakin' thing I needed on my plate right now, from my own mother. Unbelievable. I don't have the means to go flying between countries to be in person to sort out all of this mess SHE has made. Especially if I don't do the police report and I have to absorb all the credit card costs myself. This is so frustrating.
I figure as a sort of intervention from her leaning on me and using me like this, I need to pull the rug out from under her and stop enabling her to walk all over me like this. I figured it would be so much easier to just stop paying for all her stuff, and cancelling it all. Clearly its not so simple and I'm really, REALLY wrestling with the police report thing, against my own mother? She'll cry foul and that she was "hard up" (heh, sure for cigarettes and ice cream) and tell stories to the entire family about how much of a monster of a daughter I am. I just want her to get her life on track and be able to fend for herself without dipping into every cent I have or raising bloody hell if I don't pay up.
Had to get this off my chest!
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nanadokilalo : Well, as bad as this may sound......I would report the card as being stolen by your mother, and sue her in small court claims for the damages. Once you get a court order, just send a copy to all the companies that your mother spent money at. Its not pretty, but you gotta protect your finances, especially in a world thats gone to shit like ours.
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songfeng202 : if a debt card doesnt say visa or mastercard still use it as credit. if a debt card doesnt say visa or mastercard still use it as credit
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Rermcrymn : No you can't,you need a credit card for things you buy from credit card
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iandefton : If your card lacks a credit card logo (also, Discover or American Express) or the store doesn't accept that brand of card, no. You'll need to answer "debit" and use your PIN.
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