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Sonephede : Captive hoop earrings and segment earrings. Also, if you have used both, which is your favorite?

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brilsBuri : Do credit report disputes really work? What exactly does experian, equifax, and transunion do when you dispute something on your credit report? I already started disputing things I am just trying to get some insight on what to expect. For the companies that charge $300-500 to do the credit disputing for you is it worth the money or is it something I can just do myself?
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mbtskosalg : Disputing does nothing.
If the item is yours. It stays.
If the item is not yours, it will be removed.
Never dare pay a scam company to do this for you. They are just scams.
Items that are yours cannot be removed. That would be illegal.
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anydayerast : This is a good question. If you do the dispute with the credit bureaus that is an uphill battle. Also, it depends what you are disputing. If there is something on your credit report you can dispute it with them but present proof somehow that you didn't apply for the loan, credit card, etc. For example, if it's a credit card you lost and someone racked up debt in your name send them a copy of a police report or anything showing you did not incur this debt.

If you are disputing something you have paid off, I would recommend contacting that lender or bank. I have learned when you mail them a letter they have 30 days to respond to you. It's the law. So, date your letters and keep copies of them. I have used Yahoo and Google in the past to search for credit letter templates. You'll have to do some digging to find ones that work for you. When you find a template you feel is best, make the changes to it. Let's say you paid off a debt and you talked to "Sam" at the collection agency. If "Sam" said by paying this debt it will fall off your report, put that in the letter. If not, just say, "I have paid this account off now in full. This matter has been settled and I ask you remove it from my credit report." They will mail you back a letter saying yes, or give you a BS reason as to why they can't. The truth is-- they can. So, send them another letter but change it up a little bit, add "2nd request" somewhere in it to. Continue to do this until it is removed. I assure you this will work. :)

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mejdawdkrg : Just moving out of my parents house and I have literally no credit , how do I get good credit ?
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Shiegephabe : if over 21 and in USA , u use
a library to learn b4 u get burned
and pay 1000s to d it.

life can and is done on cash only in USA
it is legal.

library will help not get burned.
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vialueree : You get good credit by establishing a positive credit history, which you can do by getting a credit card and making the payments on time. Your first credit card can be hard to come by as you have no existing credit, but if you are a student the easiest one to get is a Citibank college credit card. The limit will be low, mine was 600 dollars, but you should use it for purchases but pay it off every month. Your credit is determined by your total credit limit on all accounts, the total amount owed as a percentage of total credit, your payment history of on time payments, and the total number of inquiries (credit checks) in the last 12 months. Also the amount of time you have had credit is a factor, so bear in mind that it will take time to establish good credit. The worst thing for your credit is closed accounts and open collections, so by starting from zero you are better off then most people. Just always remember to NOT spend more than you make. It can be very tempting to spend as much as your credit limit allows, as the minimum payments are small compared to the total balance. But remember you still owe the money and you will have to be able to make the payments indefinitely as long as you carry a principal/
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StoomyTog : I ordered a Samsung galaxy s4 from a seller on eBay and ordered through paypal and paid with a credit card and I also ordered a case at the same time, but it says I paid for the case but it says payment pending for the phone! What does this mean?
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Makayla_Vermont : They haven't confermed it yet
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tredtieda : are you a new user theres 21 day waiting period for new users
so the payment is pending due you be new
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