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tireargueme : Looking to upgrade my wife's wedding ring. Not into blood diamonds. I was looking into Diamond Nexus, but reading more, apparently they are a scam and simply CZ and not Lab Created.

What are some REAL lab created diamond manufacturer online?
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goardobagdoseujj : can credit card companies charge me annual fee's if i don't activate it. can credit card companies charge me annual fee's if i don't activate it
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pyncInfessy : Yes, they can. Just because you don't activate the card, doesn't mean you can use the credit card account.
If you don't want to pay the annual fee, call the bank to cancel the card.

Good luck
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pedivo : Of course, they can. The account is open. Activating the card is just a security feature to make sure you get the card. It has nothing to do with anything else about the account.

If you have decided you do not want the card, sent them a letter telling them you've changed your mind and ask that the account be closed. If this is a new account, they will probably remove the annual fee. Be sure to ask for written confirmation that th account is closed and 0 balance. keep that confirmation forever.
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josede73sk : Hi everyone,

I bought a Visa Gift Card and I signed up and activated it. During activation, it asked for my home address. If I make a purchase with the card online, will it send me statements in the mail with the transaction I made? I'm kind of looking forward for it not to show up in the mail, as my mom gets very annoyed when I make purchases with my own money she flips out so I'd really like for no statement to show up in the mail.. Anyone know if it does or not?
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Autobromix : No, gift cards or prepaid cards don't send statements. They likely will sell your name and address to some mailing list and you will be getting a whole new batch of junk mail.
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CristeCrype : does a visa gift card s up on billing statement. does a visa gift card s up on billing statement
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Bbnolermef : You will never get a statement from a gift card purchase. No worries. It works just like cash.
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weebrorge : My parents have a BMW, so my parents wanted to get a bigger car cause out BMW is too small since we have a little sister on the way. So yesterday, my parents went to BMW and see if they have a bigger car and they did. My parents really like this 2013 one and they were going to buy it but my mom wanted to know if the insurance was 1.99 or 199. If it wasn't then she won't buy the car. So the sales person checked. If my moms credit was good then yeah the insurance will be cheap. After they checked her credit, he said it didn't approve because her credit score wasn't good as before she bought her first BMW. The reason was because since she bought her first BMW, she opened to many credit cards in a short period and it lowered her credit score. So she didn't buy the car and I was pretty sad cause the car was awesome! It had gps, bigger sits and everyone would think I'm rich if my dad picks me up from school with that car. Anyway they can increase their credit score? Will canceling some of the credit cards increase it? Thanks and sorry for my English.
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aquariusmediaa : will be traveling 6 days a week home only 1 day a week
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