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melekdajre : what do you call those ring necklaces that are really chunky (each link is a full size gold wedding ring)

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Uploalemasp : bling?
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Spovergorry : i need a quick credit card number that works, under 50$ is all i need.. i need a quick credit card number that works, under 50$ is all i need.
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Spovergorry : where do these people come from good grief
do they really think someone going give them REAL CREDIT CARD NUMBER
only dummies would or possible a stolen card but if used
guess who will telling the judge but your honor i didn't know the card was stolen
plus its also violation of yahoo answer to ask in the first place
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dabyGinny : cvc on a credit card. cvc on a credit card
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pneupejed : I don't for sure so I could be wrong but I think it means CARD VERIFICATION CODE
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Uttegowag : It is a three or four digit number printed on the back of the card near where your signature is supposed to go.
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dokoccund : It's used as just another form of security and validation for your credit card.
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2qot54rt74o : Medical bills don't get put in your name because your ex has bad credit. You need to go to & pull your credit (free). That will tell you who is owed/what collection agencies etc.
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