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Faceblate : I once saw a friend of mine wearing green neon spikes in her ears, but they looked to be the same size gauge as regular earrings. I'm no expert on stretching earlobes because I've never had the interest in doing so, but is there a place where I could find some spikes like this? They actually looked like acrylic sticks in her earlobes secured by the little black bands.

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ANNOGSEXOCA : They're tapers. Check eBay, there are usually great deals on body jewelry.
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KallIlliccala : I'm guessing your friend was wearing tapers, which aren't jewelry and long term wear can mess up your ears. Also, acrylic is not safe for healing stretches. If your friend continues to stretch this way, she is going to royally mess up her ears.

If you like the look, go to Hot Topic and buy fake tapers. They will do less damage.
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NUAKYPHYDAY : Probably Hot Topic or Spencer's.
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Madison3528j : they could have been tapers(you can use these to stretch ears) but 18-22 gauge is very small, most body piercings are done with a 14 gauge and i think ear piercing guns do 16 gauge. If you are comfortable ordering online, i use for most of my gauges and stretching needs, they have a good selection and great prices and they do have jewelry that is as small as 22 gauge, though i don't know that they would have tapers that small
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Ìîêëàøèí : I'm working on an essay for an extra class I'm taking during the summer and I'm a little stuck please help!!! This is what it says:
In a five paragraph essay explain at what point would you recommend someone seek credit counseling? What resources would you recommend to them? Why?
P.S i think it's suppose to be a narrative
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chuyun4841 : I have about $650 in medical debt on my credit report. I have in writing that they will remove once paid. Should I pay off the medical first to raise my score or should I pay off my credit cards 2. I assume my credit score will instantly rise with the deletion of the medical debt. Any info would be appreciative
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Actinnasniste : sorry u have been misinformed.
by law - once on the report - it is on there until 7 years.

ONLY legal ways to remove stuff if it is Fraud.

NOPE your score will not raise immediately, takes
6 month to a year depending.

u need to learn local and federal laws b4 u get scammed.
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alektomanq : If the collector actually removes the item, then it will improve your credit/score.

The other response is incorrect. There is no such law that items cannot be removed. It is the credit bureau policy to not remove legitimate negatives -- not the same as being illegal. Most collection agencies now comply with the credit bureau policy and pay for delete agreements are far and few.

If your credit cards are in default/collections, paying won't improve your score. You also won't get a pay for delete agreement. The damage is done and remains for the balance of the 7 year reporting period. You may as well negotiate settlement for as little as possible.

On the other hand, if these are open, active cards that you are carrying balances of more than 30% of your limit, paying off the balances will improve your score. But pay off the medical debt first as that will get that item removed.
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2qot54rt74o : They can not remove the debt from your credit report unless it was an error. The credit reporting agency will show the item as paid once you pay the debt, but o\it will continues to appear for 7 years
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