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Pusakates : Ok I have thick blonde hair and I love earring, preferably the classy looking kind, like silver or sumthing. WELL what are some earring that are sexy? and will get the guy I likes attention! Thank you!!

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Femfoofhino : Lol well a guy is going to notice you either way... Earrings won't change that one way or another...
BUT, chandelier earrings are always pretty sexy.
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Appotospect : A lot of people say that big earrings are sexy. I don't know men's opinions about such things though. :-)
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Plaitikepak : I don't really think earring are sexy :/ sorry.
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gestundurgire : I'm attending a community college and I received the higher one MasterCard (debit card) it says I have 1,158.50 as of 7/28/2013 I tried connecting with my Paypal account and its said invalid card number or partial debit card number also it won't connect with my iPhone is says invalid card number. If anyone can explain please.
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gusladdnet : This is a prepaid card and PayPal does not allow you to link any kind of prepaid card. Your iPhone might have the same issue.

You can take this card to your bank and see whether it is possible to transfer the funds into your bank account. Or you can go to an ATM (after you got the PIN) and withdraw all funds and move that money into a real bank account which you can connect to your PayPal and iPhone.
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Jailapastoge : Why are they both called "visa"? Is it pure coincidence, or is there a historical link somewhere?
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mokundegrc : Has anyone here gone into bankruptcy who owns an online business?
Particularly those who earn income from affiliate marketing.

During the means test, what should internet business owners put down? "affiliate marketing" or "internet marketing" or "internet business" or what?

Do they force the owners to disclose individual domains or how do they discover what is owned?

How is the means test judged, is it based on what is filed with the IRS?

Specifically I want to know what is the situation for people who are BELOW the median income and so pass the means test, and ONLY have credit card debt (unsecured claims right?) and no physical assets and live overseas.

Thank you.
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wegeillisee : So I was talking to my banker the other day and she mentioned that I should have a credit history because Ill needed it in the future if i want to take out a loan. I haven't make a decision yet. If I get a credit card
I plan to use it at least twice a month, make small purchases and pay the bill right away. I just want to know if should do it.
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nenjuisyner : Your banker is right and if you plan to use it responsanly then go for it!
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