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anydayerast : I really love this black dress that Angelina Jolie wore to some event and would like to make it or buy it (at an affordable price: $50-$150) for my senior prom. Does any one know any affordable dupes? And if not can you help me make it? What type of dress is she wearing? What type of fabric is used? Where can I buy the fabric? How much should it cost? What techniques should be used? Do you know someone who can make it?





Thank you so much! >.<
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EpildKitillek : It's sexy.I like it ,either.I think if you really like the can custom made the dress onlin.You know,there are many dresses online.I think you may find the dress you like.Try visiting are many beautiful dresses you can choose.If you don' find the dress you like,you can custom made the dress i think.Just contact their custom service and send the picture of the dress to them,and tell then your requirements,they will make the dress follow after your requirements.Then you can get the dress you want.I always custom made my dress.I think you can have a try.
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fetefesulty : Good credit score is a pre-requisite for home loan or mortgage. Many people fail to get mortgage application approved just because of poor credit score.
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TUTPeessyboms : getting a good credit score is pretty easy. Pay bills on time and use credit responsibly.
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arrormaginy : Pay credit cards in full each month.
Make sure your credit reports are in top shape.
Not rocket science to keep good credit.

Any company promising to help you improve your credit will be 100% scam.
Some will even advertise here in a couple of hours.
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kissme2hy8 : Small loans from the bank and pay them back ON TIME and a little ahead, be a customer of theirs for a long time. keep credit cards balances below 30% of ur limit

Don't constantly check ur score to see if it if it came up, constantly checking it will lower ur score like you were trying to open new credit
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Dreannacron : It takes time to build good credit. it's a matter of building good payment history and good financial management. There are no tricks.
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RicyKcn 571 : Your fastest fix is to pay down your credit cards to 25% or less of the balance. This will really rocket your score, especially if you are mostly in good standing on all of your accounts.

Should you have some negative listings - the other fixes are more long term - get and apply for new credit then pay those cards on time. Getting a secured card may help you.
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Escossebroods : You can simply maintain a good credit score by paying your credit card bills and loan EMIs on time.
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clonecd679 : It depends on how you are using the card and if it is showing on her report. If it has a zero balance then it can only help in her utilization. If it is maxed out then it is hurting her score. Every situation is different. Go to and see how scores are calculated.
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