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Hoonorshani : A) i have an infection and i need to clean my ears and earrings, will they close?

B) how do i take out earrings?

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Tibiadway : No they wont close if you clean your ears and then put them back in (: Also clean your earings with something like savlon (:

To take them out remove the back of the earing ( the part on the back of your ear) and take the earing out slowly

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seicalminee : Gotta keep 'em clean, but it is better to put them back in, or put in other earrings soon.
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vemsmealsesar : Yes
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Chidaimampham : I am paying off my credit card of $1,000 and recently am out of a job. Is there any way I can ask if I can have payments extended for a few months so I won't have to pay until I get a job again?
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lkxmqxgmil : You must make the minimum payment--usually 2% of the balance--every month.
If you cannot, it is best to let your credit card company know.
That means you would owe $20 per month.
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brian1234 : Sure. Call the customer service number, choose the option where you can speak to an agent, and ask if you can get an extension. Some companies might be willing to do it, others might not. A lot of it will depend on your credit history and past behavior with that card.
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Slolcadly : Make the minimum payments... even if it means you need to borrow $20 to $40 bucks from a friend or relative and send the credit card company a money order every month.

Do not call them and let them know you are in trouble... chances are they will close your account and demand immediate payment or put you on a payment plan that requires you send the minimum payment every month. Either way you haven't gained anything and a credit card account that is closed by the issuer... is a very bad thing on your credit report.
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emibegomSit : An APR at 22.99 is quite high. You need to read you card holder agreement. Most credit cards don't charge interest if you pay what is owed before the due date, others do.

Balance transfers means that you are transferring the balance from another credit card on to your new card. If you currently don't have any other credit cards, then that doesn't apply to you right now,

A cash advance from your credit credit card could occur three different ways; you use your card at an ATM to get cash, you get cash at one of the bank's branches, or you use one of the convenience checks the credit card company sends you to write yourself a check for cash.

The APR on cash advances are quite high. DON"T DO IT.
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craweerospeen : Credit cards have an interest free grace period between the purchase date and the statement due date if you pay the balance in full every month. The best way to handle any credit card is to take advantage of this and use the card for regular purchases and pay the statement balance in full every month. That builds credit and avoids interest.

If you do not pay the statement balance in full, you will be charged interest on the next statement. Interest is calculated on the average daily balance (total of each day's balance, divided by the number of days) times the monthly interest rate (APR divided by 12).

Interest rates and rules are different for purchases, balance transfers, and cash advances. Some cards offer special low interest rates for a limited period for balance transfers -- paying off another credit card or debt and shifting the debt to the special rate card. Sometimes balance transfers can be good if you have higher interest debts. But you should not make additional charges on the account until the balance transfer is paid off.

Stay away from cash advances. Not only is the APR much higher than the purchase rate, interest begins to accrue immediately. There is also a fee of 3% to 5%, depending on your card terms. Kinda expensive way to get cash.
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